Gabi DeMartino Confirms Breakup with Collin Vogt In 2022: No Longer Get Married to Collin Vogt

did gabi and collin break up 2022
did gabi and collin break up 2022

Gabi DeMartino and Collin Vogt’s relationship appears to be gone! The pair ultimately revealed their breakup and refused to walk down the aisle. The couple dated for five years before getting engaged in 2020. While fans were excited to see the two marry the married, the recent news caught everyone off guard.

Fans are learning more about the separation and what led to their eventual breakup, despite the fact that they had been together for years.

Collin has informed fans that they are not rivals and that their personal lives are free of conflict. He ends the note by stating that the future is unknown and that they will maintain privacy during this time of uncertainty. Let’s look at all the little-known facts and details surrounding Gabi and Collin’s breakup.

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Did Gabi and Collin break up in 2022?

Gabi DeMartino has confirmed her breakup with Collin Vogt. In an Instagram Story on Monday, May 9, 2022, the 27-year-old YouTuber and singer gave a brief update on her relationship situation. Gabi Said “I am no longer getting married and it’s been this way since the winter. I am totally okay, I’m editing a vlog as I write this, & I can’t wait to talk to you then! love you and wish you all an amazing Monday / week,” she said, together with a link to her most recent vlog.

About Star Gabi DeMartino and Collin Vogt’s Engagement

In July 2020, the internet sensation and her other half celebrated their fifth anniversary, and months later, they announced their engagement. The internet personality captioned a sequence of photos at the time, “Coolest anniversary in the oddest of times.” “Collin, you never cease to astonish me. Tonight, I felt like your Juliet! This has been my favourite anniversary of ours.”

In November 2020, Collin dropped down on one knee and proposed to Gabi. The pair confirmed their engagement in a YouTube video a little over a month after Us Weekly broke the news. “My life changed forever on Thanksgiving 2020.” “Here’s to going public,” Gabi said beside her engagement images on Instagram. “There will never be enough time with you for me to feel like I’ve had enough.”

Niki DeMartino, the YouTube star’s sister, spoke exclusively with J-14 about Gabi’s wedding plans months after the news of their marriage broke. In March 2021, the singer teased, “I’m her Maid of Honor, one of three Maids of Honor, and it’s occurring next year.”

Gabi clarified that they’re keeping the wedding planning process “very quiet” when she spoke with J-14 privately months later, in June 2021, but she still gushed over the venue, flowers, and music.

Gabi and Collin celebrated their six-year wedding nearly a month later.

In July 2021, the YouTube star said on Instagram, “If there’s any chapter in our story that confirms our love, it’s this one.” “Thank you for your unconditional love, encouragement, and support. Finding someone like you was merely a pipe dream of mine, and I thank God every day for making it a reality. Here’s to us and our first and last engagement and non-marriage anniversaries.”

Although there isn’t much information on her wedding ceremony just yet, these influencers are total goals, and we adore getting a glimpse into their personal lives through social media. Gabi and Collin’s life together is being celebrated.

Gabi and Collin had been together for five years before they announced their engagement in November 2020. He also just participated in her music video for “Broken Morning.”

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Collin Vogt Confirms Their Breakup!

Collin has issued his own comment about the breakup on Instagram.

Colin’s statement about his breakup:

“Hey, guys!
It’s been a few months of us keeping things private but it’s time to tell you that Gabi and I mutually decided to not move forward with our wedding and we are not together right now. At first, we used the word postpone. We did not know how to say this publically as you can imagine it’s hard to deal with as is, But then there’s the audience. We still consider each other best friends and we share an amazing animal family together. You will still be seeing all of us together online but things have been different for a while. Nobody cheated and nobody was hurt in the process of a very thought-out decision that is best for us both right now. We are not enemies and there is no drama around this in our personal lives. The future remains unknown and we would appreciate privacy during this gray area.
Your Favorite! Collin”

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