Love Is Blind Stars: Deepti And Kyle Are No Longer Together, Reason!

deepti and kyle
deepti and kyle

Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams, who were both on Season 2 of “Love Is Blind,” just said in the reunion show after the finale that they were a couple. However, they are no longer together.

Abrams wrote on his verified Instagram account, “I know many of you are interested in where Deepti and I are right now.” “After filming ‘After the Alter,’ we decided to go our separate ways in early summer.”

The show has contestants date and gets to know each other before they can see each other. At first, the two found other partners.

Abhishek Chatterjee asked Vempati to marry him, and Abrams asked Shaina Hurley to marry him. But in the end, both couples decided not to get married and broke up.

People thought that Abrams and Vempati were dating because of how attracted they were to each other, so they decided to give it a try.

In his note, Abrams thanked everyone “who has followed our journey through difficult vulnerability and helped us along the way.”

He also said about his current relationship.

He wrote, “Since then, I’ve started a new relationship that I plan to keep quiet for a while.” “I have no idea what the future will bring. I want to live each day in the present without any regrets from now on.”

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