Is Colin Farrell Dating Anyone Now? Looking At Actor’s Prior Relationships

One of Ireland’s biggest stars used to be Colin Farrell. In the tabloids, he was always rumored to be dating other celebrities. We will discuss his romantic life in this article.

Who Is Colin Farrell ?

Rita and Eamon Farrell raised him in Castleknock, Dublin, on May 31, 1976. It was his father and uncle who were both professional athletes, and he attended private schools. He did not intend to pursue a career in academics or athletics, however.

“Tigerland,” The Rugged Bad Boy’s First Significant Film, Didn’t Do Well At The Box Office In The 2000s. Despite numerous failed attempts, he persisted. ‘Minority Report’ Was Steven Spielberg’s Hugely Successful 2002 Film.

His star began to rise as he worked on big films alongside Salma Hayek and Jamie Foxx. In 2008, Farrell won a Golden Globe for his performance in “In Bruges.”

His party-crazy lifestyle ultimately ended his career as a Hollywood actor. Thus, he was able to clear his name after entering rehab to quit drinking. “The Batman” featured him as the Penguin

Colin Farrell’s Dating History

There have been a lot of people Farrell has been with lately, and many of them have names you might recognize.

Take a look at the people he has dated:

Amelia Warner

In 2001, Farrell dated actress Amelia Warner. While on vacation in Tahiti, the couple got married in an unofficial ceremony.

Warner told The Sun that it was just something they did while vacationing. First, we fed sharks, then we did that. At the hotel’s activity desk, we registered for both.”

Perhaps not getting legally married was a smart decision since they split up after less than a year. The actor who played Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan, is Warner’s husband now.

Nicole Narain

In 2002, Farrell had a one-night stand with model and fellow playboy Nicole Narain. At a Playboy Mansion party, they met. Their likes seemed to be instantaneous. In Narain’s words, he is a free spirit, just like me.

After meeting for the first time, they waited a month before making a private S*x tape together. People quoted Narain as saying, “It’s just two people having fun with each other’s bodies.”

Kim Bordenave

In 2002, Farrell began dating model Kim Bordenave. The couple got together a year after James Padraig Farrell was born. They broke up not long after. James Angelman Has A Rare Genetic Disorder Called Angelman Syndrome.

Speech and the nervous system are affected by the disorder, which slows down development. Farrell and Bordenave tried to get guardianship for their teenage son in 2021.

According to the petition, James cannot speak and has trouble with his fine motor skills, which makes him unable to take care of his health and well-being.

Despite James’ inability to say who he wants to take care of, his parents are sure they would be his first choice.

Britney Spears

Despite the fact that Farrell and Spears never dated, their brief time together is Hollywood legend. Both of them attended the opening of The Recruit in 2003.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Farrell and the pop star just met the day before and were just “mates” having a laugh.

Alicja Bachleda-Curuś 

Farrell fell in love with Bachleda-Curu while making the romantic movie Ondine, about an Irish fisherman (Farrell) and a magical selkie (Bachleda-curu). “We met on set, and both of us were very professional and focused on our roles.” said the Polish actress.

In October 2009, Henry Tadeusz Farrell, Farrell’s second son, was born. Almost two years have passed since they broke up in 2010.

Elizabeth Taylor

There Was Something Romantic Between Farrell And Elizabeth Taylor, Even Though They Were Much Older. During the last few years of Taylor’s life, she and Farrell became close.

Late-night phone calls brought them closer together. While Farrell was clear that they never “consumed” their relationship, he referred to the time he spent with Taylor as “the last kind of romantic relationship I had.”

Is Colin Farrell Dating Anyone Now?

In order to protect his personal life, Farrell began living under the radar. His relationship with Kelly McNamara, a U2 management team member, became public in 2017.

According to a source, they have been together for two years and are happy. They may still be together, but it’s unclear.

Colin Farrell ; Kids

James Padraig Farrell was born in 2003. Farrell and his ex-girlfriend Bordenave had him as their first child. Another ex-girlfriend, Bachleda-Curu, gave birth to Farrell’s next son, Henry Tadeusz Farrell, in 2009.

His speech and mobility are affected by Angelman’s syndrome, a rare disease that affects the development of many parts of his body. Due to their concern that James wouldn’t be able to care for himself after turning 18, Farrell and Bordenave filed for a split conservatorship.


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