Camila Mendes Dating: Is Camila Mendes Confirms Relationship With ‘Música’ Co-Star Rudy Mancuso?

Camila Mendes Dating
Camila Mendes Dating

Camila Mendes Dating: Camila Mendes may soon find herself the object of someone’s affection. With a cheeky Instagram post on Tuesday, the actress appeared to reveal that she is dating her “Msica” co-star Rudy Mancuso.

Mendes, now 28 years old, accompanied a slideshow of seven photos with the phrase “Life update,” two of which included Mancuso, a fellow Brazilian. The first photo showed the ruggedly handsome man interacting with Mendes’ dog, a Maltipoo named Truffle while sitting on the floor next to the front entrance.

Is Camila Mendes Confirms Relationship With ‘Música’ Co-Star Rudy Mancuso?

Camila Mendes Seems to Confirm Romance with 'Música' Co-Star Rudy Mancuso -  ET News

The second photo appears to be a self-portrait snapped by the pair in the mirror of a glass patio door. Mendes and Mancuso, a former Vine sensation who produced the YouTube show “Awkward Puppets,” were photographed kissing passionately in a steamy bikini embrace.

Fans are praising the supposed union even though the “Riverdale” star did not tag the online personality (or make his face visible in the photographs).

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Like “Batwoman” star Nicole Kang, who remarked on the photo with the phrase “Not the soft launch,” the romanticist in charge of Instagram’s Instagram page commented, “Love a soft launch.”

A “soft launch” occurs when a romantic interest first highlights their significant other on their social media page. The imagery is usually vague in order to suggest the nascent phases of a relationship.

Who is Rudy Mancuso? 'Riverdale' star Camila Mendes hints at relationship with 'Musica' co-star | MEAWW

Besides a BeReal selfie, a photo from the set of “Riverdale,” and a couple of photos with her closest friend Rachel Matthews, Mendes’ post also features costume designs for Mendes’ character Veronica Lodge in Season 7 and a photo from the set of the show.

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IMDb describes “Msica” as a “contemporary romantic comedy” about a young man (Mancuso) who is haunted by the music in his mind and must face an uncertain future while also juggling love, family, and Brazilian culture in New Jersey.

Executive producer Mendes will star in the film alongside executive producer, co-writer, and director Mancuso. Currently, there is no scheduled release date.

It appears that the performers may have developed romantic feelings for one another. Mancuso and Mendes were seen traveling in Italy together in September, perhaps for the Venice Film Festival, following a summer spent filming in New Jersey.

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