Fritz is an American Idol contestant. Before coming to the show, he worked as a security guard in Texas. Nonetheless, his job as a security guard required him to screen people through cameras rather than physically inspecting them.

He had always been interested in music and aspired to be a singer since he was a child. He also mentioned how much he used to admire American Idol. He adored Phillip Phillips, the eighth-season American Idol winner.

Phillip was especially meaningful to him because he was the one who inspired him to sing and play guitar so well. Given his tryout cut, one could argue that Phillip serves as a role model for him.

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Who is Leah Marlene

Leah Marlene is a talented singer and songwriter who has had a lifelong interest in music. She has been performing live since she was a child in Illinois, Nashville, and Canada. For the majority of her high school years, she traveled from Illinois to Nashville for songwriting, recording, and performing.

As everyone knows, she has a distinct, appealing voice and a songwriting style that incorporates elements of pop, soul, funk, jazz, rock, Americana, and many more. The young singer has been releasing unique music since she was 13 years old, and she recently released Noise, the first and only single from her upcoming album.

Are Fritz Hager and Leah Marlene dating?

As previously stated, rumors of a relationship between Leah Marlene and Fritz Hager circulated in the media not long ago. For your information, Hager is a singer who has appeared on American Idol. Furthermore, Hager and Marlene are very close, and they frequently publish each other’s footage on Instagram and assist one another.

Recently, Hager posted on Instagram that he had a great time with Marlene, which fueled rumors that they were dating. None of them, however, have confirmed their relationship. So, for the time being, we can say that they’re simply good friends.

Fritz and Leah’s duet on American Idol

During week 8, Fritz and Leah combined their vocal abilities to perform Bruno Mars’ Locked Out Of Heaven.

They both joked about how much they despised each other’s guts and were “so sad” to be paired for a duet.

On the show, the two clearly developed a close friendship. Fritz stated that being partnered with Leah allowed him to “have more fun on stage” and “not stress about it as much.”

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American Idol dating rumors explored

Fritz and Leah have been linked romantically by some American Idol fans after appearing on the ABC competition together for weeks, but the singers have not confirmed any dating rumors.

Leah Marlene remains on American Idol as the competition nears its conclusion.
Fritz left the show during the May 15th episode, writing on Instagram that he was “grateful” for the friends he met on American Idol. “I’ll be honest, ending it here is tough, but I am so incredibly grateful,” Fritz captioned a photo of himself and Leah. For the sake of friends. For the sake of memories. Because of the music. This is not the end; this is only page 1.”

Fritz also shared on Instagram Stories that once the show is over, he wants to make music with Leah.

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