10 Interesting Ways To Use Infographics

Infographics are a great way to convey information in an interesting and easy-to-understand format. They also have great SEO potential. Here are ten ways to use infographics for your benefit:

It’s a great way to attract links from other sites.

If you create an infographic that is compelling and interesting, other people will want to use it as well. This makes it a great link-building opportunity. When someone sees your infographic, they can easily embed it on their own site and get a link to your page.

The infographic below is from an article about the history of World War II. The graphic relates to the main topic by graphically displaying information instead of having someone read through blocks of text, but it doesn’t distract from the overall purpose of the article. The author encourages people to embed the infographic on their site, which leads to more inbound traffic.

More exposure for your business.

If you create a compelling infographic, you can post it on your own blog or website and also submit it to sites that have a large audience of people interested in the topic.

Another great way is to set up a blog. It can be about your field of expertise or something else with the main goal being to create good content for search engines, so you can attract people looking for information about your topic. You have more control over this type of site than one set up on WordPress or Blogger, where most of the content is already created by others.

You can use it on your social media profiles.

People love infographics because of how easy they are to read and share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This is another great way to get inbound links from other sites. If you have a strong following on these platforms, post the infographic there with a short summary for people who might want to read how they can use it.

You can submit the infographic to infographic directories and get inbound links.

There are many sites that collect infographics and let you search them by category or topic. If one of your infographics fits into a category, don’t be afraid to submit it. You can also send an email to the webmaster or blogger that might find your infographic useful and recommend they share it with their readers.

Use infographics as a slide presentation.

The visual appeal of infographics makes them great for presentations. If you give presentations at conferences, trade shows, etc., consider incorporating infographics into your presentation. You can create an interactive slideshow that people can view on their electronic devices.

Use it as material for guest posts.

Guest blogging is another great way to attract links and drive traffic to your site, especially if you don’t have enough content on your site or you’ve recently started a blog. Infographics are a great topic to write about because they are easy for readers to grasp and can be used in many different ways.

You can create videos using the information within the infographic.

It’s one thing to read an infographic, but it is another thing entirely if you hear someone talking about it or even watching them talk on video or PowerPoint slides. You can also draw people in with visuals, which you don’t always get if the infographic is only text.

Use it as social media content for your Facebook page or Twitter feed.

If you already have a good following on these sites, then post the infographic there to help boost awareness of your brand and attract new followers. Find quality links and create a good buzz around the infographic to give yourself a chance at going viral.

You can use it as an ad or promotion on your site.

Infographics are great for catching people’s attention, so if you want to make a sale, advertise using one of them on your homepage or sidebar to increase conversions. It doesn’t hurt to post it somewhere else on your site, too.

You can use it in your newsletter or mailing list.

If you have an email list of subscribers who regularly get emails from you about what’s happening online, consider including the infographic in one of them. It updates the information regularly and gives people another way to learn more about the topic.

Special Tip: Consider using Venngage Infographics.

Venngage is an online infographic maker that provides the best infographics for everyone to use. All you need to do is create your free account, browse through their templates, customize the layout to your liking, and download. To give you a better idea, here are some cool infographic examples from Venngage.

Infographics are visual media that can be used for many purposes. They’re great for driving traffic to your site, increasing conversions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or even just as ad space to promote a product or service you offer online. If you want help creating infographics of your own, don’t forget to use Venngage!

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