Dwayne Johnson’s XFL Logo Controversy Explained, Megan Rapinoe Threatens Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson With Legal Action


Meghan Rapinoe, the legendary US soccer player, may find herself in legal problems after Dwayne Johnson began his football league. She also played a joke on him with her statements, which has sparked some debate in the process. The icon used The Rock’s well-known slogan against him only after a disagreement was discovered in the logo of a football league known as The XFL. It has sparked a significant amount of friction between the two characters.

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What is the problem between Rapinoe and the Rock?

According to Rapinoe’s assertions, Johnson was accused of duplicating the logo of TogethXR, a firm that she and her wife, Sue Bird, own. Rapinoe and Sue Bird have filed a lawsuit against Johnson. The company’s other proprietors are Simone Manuel, Chloe Kim, and Alex Morgan in addition to them. This organization is dedicated to assisting and reconstructing the lives of women who have suffered from social deprivation as a result of the traditional customs of our society.


The X in the XFL emblem now looks to be identical to the X in TogethXR, according to Rapinoe’s recent remark on the matter. In her assessment of The Rock’s conduct, the USWNT star asserted that the league had infringed as well as stolen the unique intellectual property rights that she had worked so hard to establish.

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The Controversial Expression

On Friday, the corporation shared two photos side by side on its Twitter account, emphasizing the similarities between the two photographs.

“Too often, the work and ingenuity of women are ignored and underappreciated,” the tweet stated. Diversity and equality are the norms in this community. Our excitement at seeing the XFL embrace diversity is well-founded, but this branding isn’t it. In response, we’ve filed a legal notice and will continue to defend the critical job that we’re doing.

Rapinoe also spoke her opinions on the incident, mocking Dwayne Johnson for his actions in the process. “Welp,” she wrote on Twitter. This is a little awkward. The only thing that @TheRock and @XFL2023 are going to be cooking up is a response to the halt and ENTIRE new brand identity, according to @TheRock. “@togethxr has this under lock and key, boys.”

After all, The Rock started off as a wrestler, and his catchphrase “If you smell what The Rock is cooking” became an instant classic amongst his adoring audience. As a result of this, Rapinoe had made the remark previously said.

As a result of what appears to be an unauthorized cease-and-desist tweet from Rapinoe, legal action was expected to be taken.

Apart from that, other proprietors, such as Morgan and Sue Bird, as well as Manuel, came to preserve the brand’s identity. They have been spotted accentuating the term ‘Together,’ which represents their belief in the power of working together. Rock was even accused of abusing the phrase in the video, which was later proven to be false. The introduction of the new football league has sparked quite a commotion. The entire TogethXR team is attempting to shed additional insight on this circumstance, as a high-profile celebrity such as The Rock failed to demonstrate any originality.

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Is There a Lawsuit Against You?

TogethXR has filed a lawsuit against the XFL in the United States. However, the league, as well as The Rock, have chosen to remain mute on the topic and have made no public statements about it. In 2020, The Rock was successful in acquiring formal ownership of this alternative American football league. The previous owner declared bankruptcy, prompting Dwayne to step in and purchase the organization. He intends to relaunch the entire thing in 2023 and is now working in cooperation with the NFL, which is the world’s largest sports organization.

There is no other information available at this time, but it appears like things will not be getting any better anytime soon. After such a mishap, things have gotten heated between the two sides, and there is nothing left to do but try to contain the damage. Everyone has always adored The Rock, but in current circumstances, even his most devoted followers are demanding answers. So keep an eye on this space to find out what exciting things are in store for you in the future.


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