Why Are People Trying To Cancel Chris Pratt on Internet; Controversy Explained!


James Gunn, the director of the first two “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, is responding to critics who are attempting to cancel Marvel Cinematic Universe star, Chris Pratt, ostensibly because of his Christian faith.

“And for what?” Gunn enlisted the help of a Twitter user who urged the MCU, which is owned by Walt Disney, to replace Pratt in the film franchise. “Because of your fabricated, completely false beliefs about him?” Is it true that something someone else told you about him was false? Chris Pratt will never be replaced as Star-Lord, but if he is, we will all support him.”

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Thor: Love and Thunder’s trailer was released today, and with it came the return of Pratt’s critics who had previously criticized him on and off for several years.

Following up on recent coverage by CBN’s Faithwire, there is a point in the one and a half minute trailer where Star-Lord, played by Pratt, gives his squad a pep talk, telling them to “look into the eyes of the people that you love” whenever it appears that they have lost their way. Following Star-remark, Lord Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, locks his gaze on him with a ferocious intensity.

The clip led many on social media to recall that Star-Lord, whose real name is Peter Quill, was represented as bisexual in a 2020 episode of the comic book “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

It’s important to remember that, after years of heated censure, Pratt has never addressed his views on sexuality or politics. He has simply declared that he is a Christian who worships at a church.

Much of the criticism arises from 2019 when “Juno” star Ellen Page — who now goes by the name Elliot — chastised Pratt for attending Los Angeles’ Zoe Church. Chad Veach, the church’s head pastor, promotes a biblical understanding of sexuality. As a result, Page chastised Pratt for visiting a church she described as “infamously anti-LGBTQ.”

At the time, Pratt simply stated, “I attend a church that welcomes everyone.”

As evidenced by the above tweet, some are demanding Pratt’s replacement by “Aquaman” star Patrick Wilson.

However, some are perplexed by the campaign to cancel Pratt, pointing out that he has not publicly done or said anything that could be construed as cancel-worthy.

“Wait a minute, why?” One Twitter user responded to the tweet requesting Pratt’s removal. “I’m completely befuddled. Everyone adored him a few years ago, but you discovered he attended church, and that’s it?”

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NK News social media editor Oliver Jia tweeted last week that people have been trying to cancel Chris Pratt for years “based on nothing,” adding, “There is no evidence suggesting he holds any other kind of homophobic or bigoted views. He’s the best.” You’re attempting to cancel an appointment with someone who does not exist.”

Jia observed that in today’s cultural climate, individuals such as Pratt can be shunned “purely on the basis of rumors, speculation, or literally made-up scenarios,” with no one questioning it.

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Pratt is hardly the only MCU star who has incurred the wrath of leftists.

Evangeline Lilly, star of “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” experienced anger from progressives in late January after she stated that individuals should not be forced to obtain a COVID-19 immunization. She even attended a Washington, D.C., anti-mandate event.

“I feel that nobody should ever be forced to inject anything into their body against their will… under any threat,” Lilly said with photographs from the protest on Instagram. “This is not the proper procedure.”

According to the former “Lost” star, who was taught Christian, such approaches are “unsafe” and “unhealthy.”

“This is not love,” Lilly wrote. “I see that the world is fearful, but I feel that confronting fear with force will not solve our issues.”


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