Oingo Boingo ‘little Girls’ Song Controversy, Meaning Of Little Girls And Still The Creepiest Music Video Of All Time?


Even a controversial music video as artful as Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart,’ in which Shia LaBeouf wrestled in a brotherly manner with dancer Maddie Ziegler, will result in a full apology from the artist in these hypersensitive times, according to a recent report. The Grammy-winning composer Danny Elfman, on the other hand, was manifesting bizarre visions in 1981 that no one would dare post on the internet today.

The band Oingo Boingo, of which he was a member at the time, released the album Only a Lad in 1989. The songLittle Girls,‘ from that album, has become something of an internet oddity, garnering more than 6 million views on YouTube.

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Even if you haven’t seen it before or had it burned into your memory, watch it at your own risk now.

Do you feel a little embarrassed? Sorry. A disturbing song and video, featuring lines like “They don’t care about my one-way mirror / They’re not frightened by my cold exterior” and the (hideously catchy) chorus hook, imagines a predator living in a house that appears to have been designed by M.C. Escher and inhabited by curious dwarves dressed in smart-casual attire. The song and video are available on YouTube. The character receives several visits from little girls who engage in pillow fighting with him, restraining him, kissing him, and floating in some sort of void.

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Was it some sort of Nabokovian investigation into the world of pedophilia? At Comic-Con in 2010, Elfman was asked about the video, and he responded positively.

After winning a Grammy for the Batman score and an Emmy for his work on Desperate Housewives, Elfman reiterated his position in 2014, telling The AV Club that he was not so much writing “from the perspective of a paedophile” as he was dishing out an “in-your-face facetious jab.”

Only A Lad criticized capitalism, but he also wished to incite outrage on the left by doing so.

The comedian continued, “I just basically make fun of everybody, and I didn’t see anyone as being protected from that.”

“Thus, even if my political leanings were to the left, I would still be as critical of political correctness and organized left-wing politics as I would be of the right.

“All organized political groups, in my opinion, have an element of absurdity about them. It can be ridiculed or satirized without fear of repercussions. At the very least, I consider myself to be a member of nothing, and any organized group was fair game for ridicule.”


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