Is Really Amber Heard Poop In Her Shared Bed With Johnny Depp? Facts Check!


Johnny Depp is due to testify for the third day in a row this morning, this time discussing his violent and tumultuous relationship with co-workers actor Amber Heard, which began in 2012 and ended just over a year later, in February 2015.

However, it’s difficult to imagine anything the three-time Academy Award nominee might say today or at any point during the defamation trial, Depp filed against his ex-wife being more strange than the Pirates of the Caribbean star testifying about Heard supposedly pooping on his side of the bed.

The remarks came on Wednesday when Depp recounted the couple’s ill-fated marriage, which ended shortly after Heard turned 30 in April 2016.

Shortly afterward, when Depp learned that his estranged wife was out of town, he intended to visit their penthouse to collect some of his personal items but was warned against doing so by one of his security guards. When Depp pressed for an explanation, he was provided a snapshot of the current state of their home, which featured a pile of allegedly human feces where he slept, according to The Wrap.

Depp struggled to find the appropriate words to explain what he saw, eventually settling on “absurd, horrible, and brutal.” When pressed to define what he saw in the photograph, the actor selected his words carefully once more but affirmed that “it was human feces.” Depp acknowledged that his initial reaction to the scenario was to chuckle. “It was so strange and horrible that I could only chuckle,” he explained.

Naturally, Depp’s lawyer was not about to leave that tidbit dangle, and she questioned the actor further, compelling him to come up with some colorful—and, frankly, hilarious—descriptions of the excrement. Among some of the more evocative expressions? That “someone dropped a grumpy” and how Heard attempted to blame her two dogs for the “fecal delivery.” When asked why he didn’t believe the dogs were involved, Depp answered, “They’re tiny Yorkies.” They each weigh approximately four pounds.”

Depp said, “I lived with those dogs.” “I’ve taken up their… amusement. That was not the case.”

Heard’s legal team began cross-examining Depp just around 20 minutes before adjourning for the night, and the actor is set to return to the stand first thing this morning—where “the human waste” will certainly be brought up again. Additionally, they help to explain why #AmberTurd is trending.

Above, you can view a portion of Depp’s testimony.


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