Shocking News: Popular YouTuber Leo Longevity Found Dead In Thailand

Popular YouTuber Leo Longevity Found Dead In Thailand
Popular YouTuber Leo Longevity Found Dead In Thailand: Image Source -

People are still looking for Leo Longevity’s cause of death, even though it’s been almost a month. There are a lot of people looking through web articles to find out how Leo Longevity died. All of this started when Leo Longevity’s body was found in strange circumstances on January 30, 2023. People were desperate to find out what happened to Leo Longevity and how he died, so they read a lot of articles on the Internet to try to find out what happened to him or how he died. Many people on the Internet have a lot of questions about this story. So, we wrote this article to tell you about this story that everyone is talking about. Stay on this page and finish reading this article. Please scroll down the page and take a look at what’s below.

Leo Longevity’s Life

Leo Longevity: Image Source –

Leo Longevity, whose real name was Laith Abdullah Algaz and who was born on October 9, 1988, was a popular fitness influencer and YouTuber. Through his YouTube channel, Leo and Longevity, where he talked about health, fitness, and wellness, he got a huge number of fans.

Leo worked hard throughout his life to promote a healthy way of life and encourage others to make positive changes. People liked him because he was always happy, had a lot of energy, and worked hard to help others reach their fitness goals.

How did Leo Longevity die?

The news said that Leo Longevity was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room. Several strange things happened before, during, and after his death. There is a good chance that someone killed him. The police are looking into how he died but haven’t found anything suspicious yet. Also, there have been no reports of strange behavior. But detectives are still looking into what happened, and people and hotel staff are helping them. So, no one knows what killed Leo Longevity. The autopsy report will be the only way to get this information. We still have to wait for Leo Longevity’s autopsy to find out why he died.

Thai cops investigate the apartment where YouTuber Leo Rex was found dead on Monday: Credit – ViralPress

Police say that Rex, whose real name is Laith Abdallah Algaz, was found face down in a bathroom, surrounded by marijuana, antidepressants, bipolar disorder medication, sleeping pills, and “muscle-boosting antibiotics.” Bangkok Business News said that when police arrived, he was naked except for a black shirt. He had a black eye, and blood was still “flowing from his mouth and nose.”

According to an unofficial report, Leo’s knuckle defense wounds indicate he got into a fight and defended himself, but not enough to cause death. The bloody pillow and lack of sheets on the bed don’t add up, and neither do his wounds. But this fact or claim has not been shown to be true. People are starting to think that this or that caused Leo’s death. Keep an eye on this site for more information and changes.

Details Emerge On The Discovery Of Rex’s Body And Estimated Time Of Death

According to, the body of Rex was discovered by a friend who gained access to the locked apartment using a spare key, as he had not been able to reach the influencer. The authorities estimated that Rex had been deceased for approximately five hours before they arrived on the scene.

How Old Was Rex? Leo And Longevity’s Age Explored

Algaz of Leo and Longevity died when he was 34 years old.

Algaz was originally from Colorado, but he had been living in the Bang Lamung district of East Thailand. Locals say that the YouTuber was known to be a quiet person.

Fans came together to remember the 34-year-old in the comments section of a recent Instagram post. Rip Leo, thank you for the knowledge you gifted us over the years. You will be missed”, wrote one fan.

“Rest in peace, Leo,” said another sad fan, “I’m stunned and can’t process this. I can’t believe it. It looked like things were turning out well.”

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