Why Celebrities Prefer to Choose Divorce Mediation

Despite being in the spotlight and seemingly living a better life than everyone else, celebrities are still human. They deal with problems in their personal, financial, and love lives just like the rest of us.

That being said, celebrity couples go through divorces too, even when it seems like they were made for each other and they should be together forever. For instance, not long ago, Tish Cyrus filed for divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus. The actress was the one who filed for divorce in Tennessee.

Celebrity or not, anyone who files for divorce may need a lawyer to settle family law disputes, and every area has its own specialised lawyers. Tennessee has quite many divorces, so people need lawyers to help them out. For example, they can choose Springfield family lawyers or another family attorney based in their area.

However, you may have noticed that a lot of celebrities go for divorce mediation. Why does that happen? With celebrities being in the public eye all the time, it may seem strange to want to keep divorce proceedings so private. So, if you’re curious, keep reading to find out more on the matter.

Divorces Can Be Disastrous

In some cases, celebrity divorces can be truly disastrous. Divorces like the one between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are examples of divorces going wrong. Not only are divorces like this extremely messy, but they also cost both parties a lot.

Thus, many celebrities decide to go for mediation, as it helps them settle disputes without airing their dirty laundry in public for the entire planet to see. Moreover, mediation will help them save some money.

Mediation helps settle cases much faster, and it is also a less expensive option compared to going to court. What happens during mediation is that there will be a divorce lawyer that represents both parties involved, and there will also be a conference with an impartial mediator.

The mediator will listen to the arguments of both parties and will find some points of compromise. By doing this, both parties can find common ground and finalize the divorce without causing a scandal.

How long it takes for divorce mediation to finish depends on the case. Sometimes, the process is completed in a single day, whereas in other cases, it may take multiple sessions until the parties can find a common ground.

Staying Private

For many celebrities, mediations are a blessing as they ensure the divorce stays out of the spotlight. Not only can they settle things with their spouses without causing additional stress, but they may also avoid public judgment and backlash. Going to court would mean fighting each other in front of everyone – with mediation, they get to keep the details of the settlement away from the public and the media.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are great examples when it comes to divorce mediation. The two have been battling for the custody of their children for many years, but nobody knows the true extent of the dispute and what has been happening. If things would have played out in court, the attention from the public and the media would’ve been excessive.

Another good example is Tom Cruise. There have been many rumors circulating about the actor, and one would think that some crazy revelations would be made during his divorce proceedings. However, there is barely anything said about him or his former spouses, respectively Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers, and Katie Holmes. This is all thanks to divorce mediation.

Having More Control Over the Outcome

Privacy is a convenient aspect, but it is not the only reason for couples to choose divorce mediation. Another huge reason is the fact that people have way more control over the outcomes and terms of the settlement through mediation.

Basically, they can make better decisions and they have the freedom to make compromises. Furthermore, the couple can control the timing, procedure, and similar things. This is the case as they do not need to go to court.

Of course, both parties are still allowed to get advice from divorce lawyers, if necessary, especially if this can help them reach a better outcome.

Final Thoughts

Divorce mediation is preferred by many celebrities thanks to its ability to keep things more private, but also because it saves money for both parties. Not only that, but the spouses have more control over the outcome and various other aspects, which works in their favor too. So, it’s no wonder why so many celebrities choose to settle through mediation instead of litigation when they decide to divorce.

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