Who Will Be The Next James Bond? Is Tom Hardy the next James Bond? Here Here’s What We Know!

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?
Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

For years, internet users have debated one of life’s most pressing issues: who should play James Bond in the future? Both dedicated followers and newcomers to the beloved film series have their own thoughts on the films. Nonetheless, the successor to Daniel Craig has not been officially announced.

Over the years, Tom has racked up quite the resume as the leading man in several blockbuster film series. Remember him as Bane, the iconic Batman villain, from The Dark Knight Rises?

Remember that Tom played the title role in the first Venom movie and the antagonist in the sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Tom has also starred in the film Mad Max: Fury Road. Is playing James Bond the next logical step for Tom in his acting career?

Is Tom Hardy the next James Bond? Details

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Tom is still speculated to be up for the role of James Bond as of the 14th of November, 2022, but no official announcement regarding the next actor to play the famed spy has been made.

For example, in an interview with The Daily Beast (via Express UK) in 2017, he stated, “There’s a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting, that once you talk about [playing James Bond] you’re automatically out of the race.”

Tom has been very good about obeying this regulation; does it make him a strong candidate? Another story from Express UK claims that James Norton, another British actor, is now favored over Tom to portray the role.

According to the article, James has greater odds than Tom Hardy and Idris Elba to play James Bond, with current odds of 4-1. Even James’s Bridgerton co-star Rege-Jean Page isn’t any better off than James is. Those same bookies have Henry Cavill at 2-1, with Tom at 9-2 (which could explain his departure from The Witcher!).

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When exactly does the next James Bond film arrive in theatres?

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It’s only natural that we’d be curious about the release date of the next James Bond movie. According to a Deadline report from June 2022, series producer, Barbara Broccoli finally delivers an update on the next James Bond film.

It will be at least two years, Barbara said before the next James Bond picture goes into production. The next picture will be “A reinvention of Bond,” she said, which is why casting took so long.

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If it means anything, Barbara has stated (as of June 2022) that no one is being considered for the role, and that the production team is instead concentrating on reimagining the legendary character.

A producer explained, “We are discussing our next steps with him. Since this is essentially a reboot of the Bond franchise, a script hasn’t been written and won’t be until we figure out our strategy for the next movie. It will take some time for us to completely change his identity.”

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