Who Is Tiffany Trump Marrying? A Divided Family Attends Tiffany Trump’s Wedding!

Who Is Tiffany Trump Marrying?
Who Is Tiffany Trump Marrying?

Who Is Tiffany Trump Marrying? Tiffany Trump exhaled after three days on hurricane watch. Palm Beach’s wedding forecast was sunny and warm. Two sources told CNN that Donald Trump’s younger daughter, his only child with second wife Marla Maples, was “stressed” about the late-season storm’s impact on her Mar-a-Lago celebration with 25-year-old Michael Boulos, her boyfriend of four years.

The Trumps may still have weekend problems after Tropical Storm Nicole. The family gathers as their patriarch muses a 2024 presidential run. CNN says some don’t want to help.

Three sources say the ex-president is down. After losing many midterm endorsements, Republicans are whispering about his waning influence. Someone calls Trump “cranky”.

A Divided Family Attends Tiffany Trump’s Wedding!

Tiffany Trump's wedding assembles a family divided over its patriarch's  political future | CNN Politics

According to those familiar, Trump is focused on his “special announcement” on Tuesday, when he may announce his third presidential run. He obsesses over 2024 politics and himself.

When praised, Trump likes to be the center of attention at his home club. The former president is reportedly hiding at Mar-a-Lago as Tiffany’s guests arrive.

Two people who know Trump say he’s estranged from Melania after Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Senate loss. According to the New York Times, Donald Trump blamed Melania for endorsing the TV doctor.

Trump apologized to Melania on Truth Social for “made up” stories about her. The two claim damage. The former president’s wife avoids him when he’s upset. CNN contacted an ex-president spokesperson.

Weddings are family affairs. Friends say Tiffany Trump is close to all her half-siblings. Tiffany, who graduated from Georgetown Law in 2020, is close to her older sister Ivanka.

Ivanka, her mother Marla Maples, and her stepmother Melania Trump attended Tiffany‘s bridal shower last weekend at a friend’s Palm Beach home, which featured a tiered Tiffany-blue cake. CNN contacted Tiffany Trump’s spokesperson.

Vanka and Tiffany Trump remain close, but the family dynamic has changed over the past two years. After the White House, Ivanka and her father changed. “Far from it,” says one of several people who spoke to CNN anonymously to preserve personal and professional relationships with the family. CNN couldn’t reach Ivanka Trump’s spokesperson.

Ivanka Trump doesn’t want to be the president’s senior adviser.

How Marla Maples Feels About Tiffany Trump's Fiance Michael Boulos

“(Ivanka) would never go back to that life,” says a confidant. She knows it wouldn’t help her or her family now.

Another says Ivanka has been “done” with Washington “since the day she left” and that “hasn’t changed.” Thirdly, Ivanka would have campaigned for midterm candidates if she wanted to return to politics. She declined appearance and endorsement requests from tight-race candidates, according to a source.

All CNN sources say Ivanka Trump’s life revolves around her three young children. One family member says Donald Trump knows his daughter would not support a second White House bid, even though she has not told him.

Trump’s White House gatekeeper and most influential adviser, Jared Kushner, would also be absent. Kushner sources say Jared will not rejoin the campaign. CNN couldn’t contact Jared Kushner. Kushner “makes an effort to be with (Trump),” but he would only advise if Trump ran again.

“Jared will be tested in many ways, he’s his father-in-law,” said the person. Trump has not “moved on” like Kushner, a private equity firm owner.

Trump knows his wife, Ivanka, and Jared doesn’t campaign. Melania Trump only held three solo campaign events for her husband during his first presidential campaign.

Melania Trump has not campaigned. “Never say never,” she said in May. Last week, at a JD Vance rally in Ohio, the Trump family had only four chairs. Eric, Lara, Donald Trump Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Trump Jr. communicates differently with friends. If Trump ran next week, Don Jr.’s source said, “Of course!” Trump’s reelection doesn’t bother Don Jr.

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“He’ll campaign for his dad,” the person said. CNN could not contact Donald Trump Jr.

Don Jr. advises Trump. Unlike Ivanka and Jared during his presidency, Don Jr. now dominates Trumpian politics. Don Jr. wants to keep Jared and Ivanka.

The source says Don Jr. doesn’t want Jared’s behind-the-scenes role or Trump’s micromanagement. The person cites Don Jr.’s outspokenness in insisting that Trump not announce his candidacy before the midterms. “He didn’t get.” If his father runs again, Don Jr. will focus on opinions and appearances, not job descriptions.

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Sources say Don Jr. is busy with his five children, publishing company, and “hunting.”

Eric and Lara Trump, conservative media guests, will be more like Don Jr. than Ivanka and Jared in a Trump second act. Most CNN interviewees don’t worry about family division over their patriarch’s political plans. Tiffany Trump won’t separate campaigners. Mar-a-Lago will reopen Friday at 6 p.m. for Tiffany’s wedding to Boulos, a Nigerian businessman’s son.

Weddings prohibit power struggles. Sources say the $1 million event will focus on Tiffany. One sibling’s friend says they get along and don’t always talk about politics or their dad. “Typical.”

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