Who Is Saryn Anderson? Why Does Saryn Have Beef With Jeffree Star?

Who is Saryn Anderson

Saryn Anderson:  Saryn Anderson is an entrepreneur from the United States of America who is married to a famous person and is often seen in the media. Most people in the country know this beautiful woman as the wife of Henry Anderson.

Wikipedia says Henry Wyatt Anderson is a professional defensive end for the National Football League’s Carolina Panthers (NFL).

She’s been in the news because she told Jeffree Star he was wrong about her husband. People say that Saryn and Henry have been married for three years. In 2019, they got married. The reports also said that she has always helped her husband get back on his feet after a stroke in October 2022.

She is also the leader of a group that helps her husband, the Henry Anderson Fan Club.

Saryn Anderson

Who Are Saryn Anderson’s Parents?

Reports in the media say that Saryn Anderson comes from a stable family. She is both Christian and of mixed race. There needs to be more information about her family members, though.

Reports say that Saryn’s father, whose name is unknown, works in business. She is very close to her homemaker mother. Aside from that, Saryn and her siblings grew up in the United States. Soon, we’ll have more up-to-date information about her family.

Saryn Anderson’s Marriage With Henry Anderson

Saryn Anderson and Henry Anderson have been together for a long time. She also sends her husband a lot of pictures through social media. Her husband, Henry, plays football professionally. Henry asked Saryn to marry him on August 15, 2018, after they had been together for a long time.

She also posted a picture of her engagement on her Facebook page.

On June 22, 2019, they married after being engaged for a year. Henry also posted an image of his wedding on social media.


How Many Kids Does Saryn Anderson Have?

Henry announced to the world on his Instagram account in June 2021 that he and Saryn would have a baby. Saryn had a beautiful daughter, Bowen Eleanor, in October 2021. She also showed her daughter several pictures on her Facebook page. She is happy with her husband and daughter in the United States.

Why Does Saryn Have Beef With Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star, a makeup mogul, has recently been dropping hints about his new boyfriend. This has caused a lot of worries among the wives of certain athletes.

The 37-year-old YouTuber teased his 6’6″ “NFL Boo” on social media, and fans have been going crazy trying to figure out who it is. But as rumors spread, several NFL wives, including Saryn, have spoken out about their husbands being linked to Jeffree.


“I’m Getting Harassed Bc People think it’s my husband because he plays in the NFL. According to the Daily Mail, Anderson wrote in the DM, “Please stop.”

In response, Jeffree posted a video on Instagram saying, “Why do people want to play with fire, but when you light the match with them, they vanish?”

“Don’t worry about your marriage, girl; I’m not a shady b****,” I told her.

Since then, Saryn has stopped using Twitter and has made her Instagram page private.

Jeffree’s new boyfriend’s name has yet to be made public.

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