Who Is Michael Boulos? How Tiffany Trump And Michael Met?

Who Is Michael Boulos?
Who Is Michael Boulos?

Who Is Michael Boulos: He is the billionaire heir to a family business empire. Michael Boulos is now the son-in-law of a previous president. Read up on Tiffany Trump’s new husband, Michael.

Who Is Michael Boulos?

Michael Boulos entered the world in Houston, Texas, in August 1997. In London, he earned BAs from both Regents and City. Boulos has been dating Tiffany Trump since the beginning of the year.

Donald Trump’s daughter. Donald Trump, Sr. is her father. Michael Boulos is the associate director of Callian Capital Group, a Canadian investment firm.

How Did Michael Boulos Begin His Profession?

Since his rich father Massad Boulos founded SCOA Nigeria and Boulos Enterprises, Michael has inherited both companies. It’s no surprise that Michael’s ancestor also amassed a fortune in the billions.

He is also the CEO of SCOA Nigeria in addition to operating Boulos Enterprises. Speculation about a $532 million deal between Michael Boulos and the Greek luxury jewelry firm Folli Follie emerged in the year 2020. Donald Trump’s fourth wife, Marla Maples Trump, gave birth to their daughter Tiffany, who is the fourth Trump kid.

On Saturday at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, former President Donald Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany Trump will marry 25-year-old businessman Michael Boulos. Tiffany is Trump’s only child with a second wife Marla Maples.

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How Michael Boulos Met Tiffany Trump?

People magazine reports that Tiffany Trump, a law student at Georgetown Law, and Boulos, a project manager at the City, University of London, met during a trip to Mykonos in 2018.

Boulos has attended numerous public events with the Trumps over the years, such as Easter services at Mar-a-Lago, the pardoning of Thanksgiving turkeys by President Trump, Fourth of July celebrations at Mount Rushmore, and the funeral of Robert Trump, the former president’s brother.

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Additionally, he was present at the RNC rally that launched the Trump 2020 campaign and stood next to his girlfriend while she gave a speech.

Trump announced her engagement to Boulos on Instagram the day before her father departed the White House, including a photo of the two in the White House Colonnade.

“Getting engaged to my wonderful fiancé, Michael was one of many joyous occasions my family and I have been privileged to enjoy at the White House.

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