Maddie Ziegler and her boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, are one of the most powerful young Hollywood couples. Since she was a child, Ziegler has been in the spotlight because of her time on Dance Moms and her work with Sia. Benjamin, on the other hand, is a rising musician who has become Justin Bieber’s protégé. But what is it like for these well-known and very successful teens to date each other?

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How Did Maddie Ziegler Meet Her Boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin?

Like a lot of modern relationships, Ziegler and Benjamin met online. The star of “Fallout” knew Benjamin’s music, so she sent him a message on Instagram. Ziegler told Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, “It was so out of the blue.” “I liked him on Instagram, and that’s how we got to talking.” After talking for a while, they decided to meet up with friends at a Los Angeles mall called The Grove.

Even though Ziegler and her boyfriend got along well, they had been friends for a while before getting together. Even though Benjamin lived on the other side of the world before moving to Los Angeles, they stayed in touch. “That night, he took a flight back to Australia,” the dancer said. “It happened so fast, but we’d known each other for over a year before we got together.”

The Couple Worked Together On The Music Video For “Speechless.”

Even though Benjamin and Ziegler were friends first, they felt very comfortable getting together. They were both kind and respectful to each other. Also, because they both had a strong work ethic, they respected and admired each other’s careers a lot. In fact, Ziegler is in the music video for Speechless by Benjamin. Ziegler has even said on the record that Benjamin is the person she knows who works the hardest.

And Benjamin isn’t afraid to tell Ziegler how much he loves her. In the same interview, he said that what really interested him about her was her creativity. “I just liked Maddie as a person so much,” he said. “She is so warm, kind, and creative. There are some people in this world who are just a little more colourful than others, and she is definitely one of them.”

Are Maddie Ziegler And Eddie Still Together?

Even though Maddie and Eddie started dating in 2019, they didn’t tell anyone until March 2020. Since then, they have been going strong.

Why Did Maddie And Jack Break Up?

And on Wednesday, it was said that Maddie Ziegler and her Australian boyfriend, 16-year-old Jack Kelly, broke up after 18 months together. A close friend of the couple told Confidential that the US-based dancer is “taking a break” because of their work schedules.

Benjamin And Ziegler Exchange Clothing As Close Buddies

Nonetheless, Ziegler and Benjamin appear to be really content with one another. Not only are they a couple, but they are also best friends. They consistently provide each other with personal and professional support. And, like many best friends, they regularly exchange clothes and frequently consider the other while purchasing new outfits.

“We frequently wear each other’s outfits,” Ziegler revealed. “Eddie looks good in all of my clothing. It is actually humorous when we enter stores. I feel as though I’m in the men’s section while Eddie is in the women’s.” Clearly, the couple’s artistic spirit also extends to clothes. Fans cannot wait to see what the famed pair produces next.

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