Who is Josefa Salinas? All You Need To Know About Ex-Wife Of Rapper Coolio

Who is Josefa Salinas
Who is Josefa Salinas

Coolio died on September 28 in Los Angeles. His song “Gangsta’s Paradise” from the movie Dangerous Minds was a hit in the 1990s. He had lived for 59 years. The official cause of death has not been said yet. Fans want to know more about his ex-wife, Josefa Salinas since he died suddenly. So, who is she and what is she doing right now? We will tell you everything.

At The Time Of His Death, Was Coolio Married?

Source says that Coolio died at age 59, but the cause of death was not made public right away. The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Capt. Erik Scott told the newspaper that firefighters and paramedics found Coolio not breathing or moving. They tried to bring the person back to life for about 45 minutes, but it didn’t work.

Sheila Finegan, Coolio’s talent manager, told CNN, “We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend and client, Coolio, who died this afternoon.”

So, at the time of his death, did Coolio have a wife? He seems to have died alone, even though he was married to a woman named Josefa Salinas in the past. Salinas and Coolio got married in 1996, and they split up in 2000, after being married for four years.

About Coolio’s Wife Josefa Salinas!

From 1996 to 2000, he was married to Josefa Salinas. Together, they had four children. Fake News at Night (2018) and Fearless: The Documentary (both 2018) are movies that Josefa Salinas is known for (2014). After being married for four years, they got a divorce in the year 2000. There was no proof of what caused them to split up, but there are many stories about Coolio’s drug use. During that time, he also got into a lot of legal trouble.

How Many Children Did They Have Together?

According to Source, they had four kids together: Artisha, Brandi, Jackie, and Artis. But it is said that up to 10 children survive Coolio.

Coolio talked to People about raising his three daughters. He said, “I pay the bills and make the rules.” When it came to dating, the rapper told men that they should be respectful to the women in their lives. “I don’t sit there and watch over them, but the other day when I walked into the living room and saw Artisha sitting on some guy’s lap, I was like, ‘Oh, hell no!'” “She just sat there, so I grabbed one of the pool table’s legs and told her, “You better get up right now.” She was like, “I’m twenty!” I told him, “Then you’d better get a house that’s at least 20 years old!”

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