Who Is Dre Mccray

Who Is Dre Mccray

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On Tiktok, Dre Mccray has influence. In 2016, she began posting makeup tutorial videos, and in the following years, her following grew significantly.

Dre Mccray is under criticism after posting videos on social media announcing the condition of her husband Von. People accuse her of exploiting her husband’s terrible condition to gain followers and attention online.

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Who Is Dre Mccray?

Andrea McCray is the full name of the social media influencer Dre Mccray. In 2016, she shared makeup tutorial videos to expand her fan base. She received compliments on her cosmetics skills.

Her appearance, according to some, suggested that she was not a model. She was humorous and had a gift for cosmetics, though, so many people began to follow her.

She and Von Mccray have been married for around 8 years. Although they only have one child together, they collectively look after 3 kids. Two of the kids are the result of Andrea’s precious union.

Dre Mccray

Her social media fame grew over time, but some people began to find it strange. After some time of following her, a previous follower claimed that she started to feel strange and uneasy. She then started requesting money so that people may view her movies.

Additionally, the information she initially shared evolved over time. She ” suggests a divisive vegan diet while using herbs like kratom and kava. She did, however, raise some controversy as a result of it.

Although those plants are supposedly acceptable, the FDA has not approved the use of kratom for medical purposes. According to the DEA, kratom is narcotic and chemical of concern.

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What Happened To Her Husband?

The husband of Dre McCray, Vonny, has a history of service in the armed forces. According to reports, the pair had been married for seven years before beginning the preparations for their legal wedding.

But unfortunately, something went terribly wrong, and Vonny is currently in a coma. On the other hand, McCray is confident that the prayers she does for her husband will bring about his recovery.

McCray revealed to her followers on TikTok that her devoted husband, Vonny, had suffered brain damage. The woman is currently concentrating all of her efforts on assisting her husband in his recovery from his illness.

In a post that she published on Instagram on June 16, she expressed her satisfaction with the outcome of Von’s operation. In addition to that, she mentioned that the trach and the g-tube had been inserted.

It is irrelevant at this moment what further information we have regarding his injury, the diagnosis, or the prognosis for his recovery.

She stated that accurate information would be provided as soon as Vonny was able to be discharged from the hospital due to her improved condition.

Everyone will be moved by how much love and care McCray has for her husband, as well as how much she has thought about and worked on his recovery. This will leave a lasting impression on all of us.

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Cyberians Accuse Dre Mccray Of Abuse On Husband Von McCray

Von Mccray tried to kill himself once, and the attempt hurt his brain. The police report says that they were having problems in their marriage and fighting with each other.

When Dre found her husband trying to kill himself, she cut the rope and called 911. The police took her husband to the hospital. But his family, relatives, and friends did not know what was wrong with him.

Instead, they found out when Von’s wife posted a video of him having a seizure. She said that her husband’s being on vent was because he was feeling sick.

Later, his mother found out that her son had tried to kill himself. This was written in the police report. She went to talk to his wife about it, but Andrea got a temporary restraining order against her, saying that she fears for her safety.

Von’s mother couldn’t see him because of the restraining order, but that order will end on June 30, 2022. She even ignored the registered dietician’s advice and fed Von her own vegan food instead of Von’s.

Now that cyberians know all the facts, they say that Dre abused her husband, who is in a vegetative state. Some people even think that she is doing something strange. One user thought she had already poisoned her husband with poison that couldn’t be found.

As the case is getting a lot of attention, people are making a lot of guesses about it on social media. Many people say that the influencer used her husband’s terrible illness to get more followers on social media.

So, they think she doesn’t care as much about him or worry about his safety. So, so people are asking the police to look into it and give Von what’s fair.

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