Who Is Derrick Lewis Wife? How Did They Meet?

Who Is Derrick Lewis' Wife?
Who Is Derrick Lewis' Wife?

Derrick Lewis is a UFC heavyweight fighter presently signed to the organization. He was a former professional in both Bellator MMA and Legacy FC, where he held the heavyweight title in both. Lewis has defeated current heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, among other things. He has also won 20 of his fights via knockout and is ranked #7 in the UFC men’s heavyweight division.

Lewis, the second oldest of seven siblings, was born in New Orleans in 1985. As a child, he was involved in numerous street fights. He was 17 when he moved to Texas and was involved in an event that resulted in probation. He violated the court order and was sentenced to five years in prison, three and a half of which he served. Following his incarceration, he was attracted to MMA and began his amateur career, eventually signing with the UFC in 2010.

Who is Derrick Lewis’ Wife?

April Davis, who has been Derrick Lewis’ long-time girlfriend, is now married to him. After an undefined amount of dating time, they finally tied the knot in 2017. Due to the fact that Lewis is notoriously well-known for keeping his personal life and business life separate, not much is known about April. There is a valid reason for this. On numerous other times, though, such as in these two videos with TMZ Sports and UFC fight night, the two have shared their time in front of the camera together.

It appears that the two share an incredibly tight relationship based on appearances. On more than one occasion, Lewis has been quoted as saying, “She is my ride-or-die. We’ve been through the abyss together, and we’ve emerged victorious.

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How Did Derrick Lewis and April Davis Meet?

​The introduction between Derrick and April was made by Derrick’s cousin Kendrick. April said that Derrick’s cousin Kendrick was the one who introduced them to one other when they were asked about how they first met. So to begin, we communicated with one another by telephone.

When asked about the first time he had met her, Lewis responded, “I went to knock at the door, and she came out. She was looking all good.”

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The pair have been married for three years and during that time they have welcomed two children into the world: two sons and a daughter. Because Lewis has such a strong preference for maintaining his family’s privacy, very little is known about their children.

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