Who Is Christian Walker? All About Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Son’s

Christian Walker, the son of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker (R), has made headlines recently by criticizing his father in Twitter videos.

Christian Walker decided to release videos against his father on Monday, despite previously attending a political rally for his father, after The Daily Beast reported Herschel Walker paid for his ex-abortion. girlfriend’s

In those videos, Christian Walker referred to his father as a “liar” and stated that he is not the “family values” candidate he claims to be, causing a stir in the media and for Herschel Walker’s campaign.

Walker is no stranger to the media, having become a popular voice in right-wing circles after exploding on the social media app TikTok.

Who is Christian Walker?

Christian Walker, who describes himself as a “free-speech radicalist” on Twitter, was raised by Grossman, Herschel Walker’s first wife. His father is African-American, and his mother is white. Grossman claimed in a 2008 interview with ABC News that Herschel Walker “just kind of raged and he got a gun and put it to my temple” on one occasion. Her ex-husband allegedly threatened to kill her during a therapy session.

Christian Walker, a 23-year-old former cheerleader who hosts the “anti-woke” podcast “Uncancellable,” graduated from UCLA this spring. In 2016, when he won a Cheerleading World Championship with the co-ed Spirit of Texas team, his father spoke fondly of him, telling TMZ, “I was so thrilled about it because there was a lot of good competition there.”

He’s a Former World Champion Cheerleader

Herschel congratulated his then-16-year-old son on winning a World Championship title in cheerleading in 2016.

“I was so thrilled about it because there was a lot of good competition there,” Herschel told TMZ after Christian won the 2016 World Championship of All-Star Cheerleading at Walt Disney World with the Spirit of Texas Royalty Co-Ed Cheer Squad, “but I’ll tell you what, they got it done!”

He previously attended college in California before announcing his move to Florida in July, expressing his support for Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Walker previously supported his father

Christian Walker’s recent videos against his father came as a surprise because he had previously appeared to support his father’s campaign.

Christian Walker spoke at his father’s campaign rally in support of his father’s Senate run in December of last year.

Christian Walker tweeted, “Had the honour of introducing my dad, @HerschelWalker, last night at Mar a Lago.” “I got to preach about how authoritarian and HORRIBLE Democrats are before hugging a future senator.” “Perfect evening.”

What did Christian Walker say about his father?

Christian tweeted Monday evening, shortly after The Daily Beast article was published, that his family urged Herschel not to run for office because details of his past could resurface. “He decided to give us the middle finger and air his dirty laundry in public while lying about it,” Christian wrote.

Christian then lamented Herschel’s absence from his life, alleging that he was violent with his mother. (Herschel has admitted to previous violent behavior toward Christian’s mother, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, who claims Herschel held a gun to her head, among other things.) “I don’t care about someone with a bad past who accepts responsibility,” Christian wrote. “How dare you LIE and pretend to be some’moral, Christian, upright man?'”

On Tuesday morning, Christian recorded videos and shared them on social media, doubling down and accusing conservatives in general of hypocrisy for espousing family values while ignoring Herschel’s behavior. “Family values people; he has four kids from four different women and wasn’t at home raising one of them,” Christian says. “He was out with other women having sex.” Do you value family values?”

“People on the right are bringing up the fact that I did a campaign event with my father last year…

Christian continued, “I did one event last year when we were told he was going to get ahead of his past and hold himself accountable.” “None of that occurred. “Everything was a lie,” he said. “Don’t lie about your life at the expense of me, my mother, and all of the people you’ve influenced.” You don’t get to act like some moral family man.”

Walker’s popularity before the videos dropped

Many people were familiar with Christian Walker prior to the recent videos because of his fame on TikTok for making videos against Democrats and speaking in favor of conservative values and the Republican Party.

Christian Walker’s short videos focused on a variety of topics, as he loudly and passionately expressed his right-wing political views.

Walker’s first TikTok account, with 400,000 followers, was banned in 2021, according to his Twitter. Walker did start a new account, which now has over 165,000 followers.

Walker decided to become a podcaster as his popularity grew, creating a podcast called “Uncancellable” that was number one in entertainment news at one point, according to his Twitter.

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