Who Is Cher Dating & Did She Confirm Her Dating With Amber Rose’s 36-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend?

Did She Confirm Her Dating With Amber Rose's 36-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend?
Did She Confirm Her Dating With Amber Rose's 36-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend?

Who Is Cher Dating: She revealed that she has found love again after many years of being alone. The pop star confirmed on Twitter that she is dating music producer Alexander “A.E.” Edwards after they were spotted holding hands in public. Singer’s followers first suspected anything was up with her after she tweeted “One portion of my life is SO AMAZING” with a heart eyes emoji on November 1.

Did She Confirm Her Dating With Amber Rose’s 36-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend?

Soon after, on November 3, the singer and Edwards were photographed hand-in-hand entering the West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s, where they were scheduled to meet up with rapper Tyga for dinner. They were waiting in the car when Edwards was seen kissing her hand. The singer replied, “YESSSSS,” to a tweet that said, “Someone’s got a new boyfriend,” the next day.

On Sunday night, Cher took things to the next level with her new beau by making their social media relationship public. She tweeted a screenshot of the music producer with the name “Alexander” and a red heart emoji.

That was then, this is now,” she tweeted cryptically afterward. An admirer inquired, “IS THIS YOUR NEW MAN!?” and she simply responded with a heart-eyed smiley emoji.

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She continued by saying that they first met during Paris Fashion Week and that he has met her entire family except for her best friend Paulette Howell.

When a supporter voiced anxiety over A.E.’s possible romantic intentions, Cher assured them, “As we All Know…” And what I know for sure is that I wasn’t born yesterday. No Promises Can Be Made. You are always taking a risk whenever you decide to do anything.

Taking risks is something I’ve always enjoyed doing… This is MY IDENTITY. She responded, “LIKE A QUEEN,” when another fan said, “He better be treating you like the queen you are!” She allegedly told the Daily Mail that their 40-year age difference didn’t matter because “love doesn’t know numbers.”

The legendary musician clarified the situation in a subsequent tweet, which read: “I’m Not Defending us.” Some People Are Just Mean. The fact that we’re content and causing no trouble is irrelevant.

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Is Alexander Edwards Dated Amber Rose?

Edwards and Amber Rose have a son together, Slash, who is now 3 years old. The couple dated for the first time in 2018. However, three years later, he was caught cheating on her with many women, and the couple broke up.

During that time, Rose posted to her Instagram Story, “All 12 of y’all bums (The ones that I know of there’s definitely more) may have him.” In a later interview with Entertainment Tonight, the producer admitted that he had been unfaithful, saying that he “was caught” and that Rose had “just had enough, obviously.”

Between 1964 and 1975, Cher was married to Sonny Bono, and between 1975 and 1979, she was married to Gregg Allman. She has two children: Elijah, who was born to her and Allman, and Chaz, who she had with Bono and is now 53. (who is now 46).

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