Brett Oppenheim Dating in 2022: Is Tina Louise Still Dating Brett Oppenheim?

Who Is Brett Oppenheim Dating

Brett Oppenheim left the Oppenheim Group, but he still came back to Selling Sunset for a second season. In April 2022, Netflix showed the first episode of Season 5 of the real drama. In the most recent season, the brothers’ business is doing well, but they are having trouble with their relationships.

Fans of Selling Sunset will also get to see Brett’s relationship with Australian model and business owner Tina Louise. But the CEO of Oppenheim Real Estate hasn’t found his “one” yet. Check out who Brett has been with in the past.

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Brett Oppenheim Started Dating Tina Louise In 2021.

Brett and Tina made their relationship official on Instagram in April 2021 by posting several photos of them having fun on the beach. He seemed crazy about his new girlfriend, who also runs her own business. The woman who used to be on the cover of Maxim Australia is now a co-owner of a vegan Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles called Sugar Taco.

The majority of Tina and Brett’s relationship happened on his Instagram page. Tina didn’t do the same when he posted photos of them together on vacation or with the Selling Sunset crew. Instead, the woman who liked to work out showed the ladies of Selling Sunset pictures of herself.

Brett Oppenheim Said That He And Tina Louise Broke Up Eight Months After They Started Dating.

In December 2021, a fan asked Brett about his relationships during an Instagram Q&A. Even though he had planned to talk about real estate, the businessman confirmed that he was single “as of very recently.”

Brett told the truth after his twin, Jason Oppenheim, told Chrishell Strause on Instagram that he was breaking up with her. Not only did they happen at the same time, but Brett also followed Jason’s example by writing about his relationship with Tina on his account.

Under a carousel of their pictures, he wrote, “I am thankful for you, Tina.” “For your love, your laughter, your smile, and our friendship that will last forever.” Brett also added text over each of his pictures with Tina, just like Jason did for Chrishell.

He wrote, “Tina is the most honest, loving, and beautiful woman I could have ever dreamed of.” He wrote, “She has the most beautiful smile. I will always love her and be her friend.”

Brett didn’t say what caused him and Tina to break up. In December 2021, she did say a few things about how they got along. Tina reportedly told TMZ outside of Sugar Taco that she and Brett broke up because she wanted to start thinking about having a family and he did not. Chrishell said the same things about her relationship with Jason. However, Tina declared she and Brett are still friends.

Brett Oppenheim
Brett Oppenheim

Are Brett Oppenheim And Tina Louise Still Together?

When did Brett and Tina split up? Tina was in the fifth season of Selling Sunset, but she and Brett are no longer together. In December 2021, Brett and Tina broke up. Tina said that Jason and Chrishell’s breakup made her think about her own relationship with Brett.

Brett Oppenheim Was Also Romantically Involved With Katya Dmitrenco.

Brett Oppenheim hosted a housewarming celebration during the third season of Selling Sunset, where the Oppenheim Group ladies questioned him about a woman he was dating at the time. When Christine inquired as to whether this woman had “wifey potential,” he responded in a manner that suggested he was simply being casual. “It’s a ludicrous question. She has enormous potential “said Brett to Christine.

He continued by saying to the gathering, “You guys get far too excited over who I’m seeing.” Mary Fitzgerald said, “Perhaps you’re not excited enough about the person you’re seeing.” The women then began stalking Katya on social media.

“Why don’t you like her photos? That is rather impolite, “Christine questioned. “Should I make a remark for you? Have hearts?” Brett requested that the women cease their mocking.

Later in the programme, Katya and Brett were spotted at a charity auction hosted by Chrishell. Christine had some thoughts about her appearance after meeting her in person. “Katya looks as if you and I had a baby after getting a nose operation and fillers,” she said to Mary. Katya’s Instagram indicates that her full name is Katya Dmitrenco and that she resides in Los Angeles. She owns KD Brows, a microblading and microlamination specialist.

Aside from Tina and Katya, little is known about Brett Oppeneheim’s former relationships. However, we are certain that his dating life will continue to be a popular topic among the O Group for many seasons.

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