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Who Is Breland
Who Is Breland

Breland is a country artist from New Jersey’s Burlington Township. On July 18, 1995, he was born, making the singer 26 years old.

In 2020, he launched his debut EP, BRELAND EP, which included seven tracks. His song My Truck catapulted him to stardom, and it remains one of his most popular tracks on Apple Music. Chase Rice and Lauren Alaina are among the other musicians on the EP.

Breland’s music is described as “country trap” by Apple Music. He combines conventional country music motifs such as trucks and horses with trap beats.

He’s Popular on TikTok

BRELAND told Billboard in 2021, “I didn’t have a TikTok [account] before I placed [‘My Truck’] up.” “I released the song in September of this year, and TikTok wasn’t what it is now, right?” It was just a button on the website I used to upload the song to iTunes and other streaming platforms. ‘Okay, okay, I’ve heard of TikTok; I’ll put it on there,’ I said. So, when it started trending on TikTok, I thought to myself, ‘OK, I need to figure out how this works and what this even is.’

It’s Just a Start for Breland and His Career

BRELAND is not going to be confined as someone who defies category and keeps one foot in the country world and the other in hip-hop (he had two managers particularly for those purposes). In fact, he’s already plotting to take country to new places and sounds. “I really want to give fans more music before we get into an album, so we’ve got some singles planned,” he told Billboard. “A handful of them have features, possibly from some of the people I’ve named. We might have a country twerk song, a straight-up ballad, and something akin to a country ‘Uptown Funk’ type of tune.”

Breland made a name for himself with his cross-genre hit “My Truck.” “‘My Truck'” was a kind of demo I did after living in Atlanta for a few years, and there was enough of myself in it that I wanted to put it out independently,” the singer says. Breland’s desire to explore the intersection of country and hip-hop genres began with this song.

“I was extremely intrigued in the junction of country and hip hop, given that they are both the prominent genres in the south and understanding that there isn’t really a whole lot that distinguishes the listener base if you look at every component except race.”

Breland also attributes his inspiration for his own collaborations to hip hop music collaborations. So far in his career, the singer has collaborated with Nelly, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Mickey Guyton, and others. “I don’t go into these things thinking I have to be on this song as an artist; I just want to create something and whatever is intended to happen will happen,” Breland explained.

Breland recently debuted his newest collaboration, a brand new song “Praise The Lord” with Thomas Rhett, which the two performed together on Monday Night (March 7th) at the ACM Awards. “I know it’s a catchy tune that gets stuck in people’s brains, and it’s unique and adds something cool to the country algorithm.” And I think having Thomas Rhett on it would surprise a lot of people and make perfect sense.”

But Wait There’s More!!!!!!

Breland’s now song dropping today. Go checkout the new song and stay tuned with ‘thecurrent-online.com’ for further updates.


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