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Who Is Ben Azelart Dating: Who is Ben Azelart girlfriend now?

Ben Azelart is a YouTube star, actor, and skateboarder from the United States who is most known for his daring videos and prank videos on the social media platform YouTube. Ben first launched his YouTube channel in 2014, and since then, he has amassed millions of subscribers. His channel has had more than 1.2 billion total views during the course of its existence, as well as more than 7 million members.

In 2018, the YouTube sensation made the transition to the entertainment world, appearing as Bobby on the television show “Brobot” for a number of episodes.

Beyond his YouTube channel, Ben is an experienced skateboarder who has competed in a number of national events, such as the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii, King of something like the Groms, and the Vans US Open, all of which took place in 2017.

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Who Is Ben Azelart Dating?

Crushes on Ben can exhale with peace, as it looks that the YouTuber is not currently dating anyone and is fully single at this point in his life. With his social media accounts, Ben has been keeping himself busy, making sure to upload new content for his followers on a daily basis. It’s evident that none of his messages are of a romantic nature.

Since his public breakup with Lexi Rivera, the attractive skateboarder looks to have been living a single life. Lexi and her brother, Brent, who is also good friends with Ben, are social networking stars in their own right, with a combined YouTube following of 19.5 million followers. Lexi and Brent are also close friends with Ben.

While Ben initially met Lexi through Brent, they became romantically involved in 2018 after they began creating YouTube videos together. It seemed like fans couldn’t get enough of the couple and their hot chemistry could be seen in every video they filmed together.

In the end, the pair separated in 2020, and their followers were devastated when they learned the news. Their split was explained in a video in which they both stated that they still cared for one another and friends, but that the relationship “no longer made [them] happy.

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Ben Azelart Dating History

Online dating is an entirely different situation, and it was quite perplexing for both of us,” Lexi explained. She went on to say that it was tough for the pair to keep their follower’s happy while also making sure they were happy themselves, and that they ultimately opted to put their own happiness first.

The relationship with Lexi began after Ben was supposed to be dating another social networking star with the same last name as him, Lexi Hensler, prior to his connection with Lexi. The couple’s online contacts, according to fans, appeared to all but confirm that they were a couple in the making. However, it turned out that Ben and Lexi were merely good friends who worked together a lot, despite the fact that they looked like a beautiful pair.

During the year 2018, Ben was officially dating Brighton Sharbino, which occurred before allegations about him and Lexi Hensler began to spread. London Brighton is an up-and-coming young actress who has been in a number of major films, the most well-known of which is AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Ben and Brighton became the subject of rumors after Brighton shared a photo of the two posing together on her Instagram account, which she captioned “Prom with @benazelart.” Although Ben and Brighton were dating at the time of their separation, neither Ben nor Brighton ever admitted that they were dating. It was only after the couple had completely separated that Brighton addressed the relationship.

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After the split, Brighton opened up in her sister Saxon Sharbino’s YouTube prank video, titled, “I Filled My SISTER’S Room With Pictures of Her Ex-BOYFRIEND (Ben Azelart) *SHOCKING REACTION*,” in which she revealed that she had been dating Ben Azelart.

After their breakup, Brighton tells her fans that Ben was “the easiest breakup you could ever have,” and that they were “the perfect boyfriend for each other throughout the period that they dated.”

Ben appears to be the sweetheart that treats his girlfriends and even ex-girlfriends with respect, which is something we appreciate hearing about.

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