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Who Is April Marie Dating? Know About April Marie’s New Boyfriend Cody Cooper

April Marie (born in 1998, age: 23 years) is an American model, social media personality, and reality television star who has been on a variety of shows. She is well-known for her collaborations with various companies and picture campaigns.

You may have seen her advertising for several products on billboards throughout Los Angeles earlier this year. You can now catch her on the latest Netflix series, ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on,’ which premiered this week. We’ve included a brief description of her most recent upcoming series below so that you may learn more about her.

As an aside, we should mention that she can be found on TikTok, where she regularly posts her most recent and most hilarious content.

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April Marie Dating someone or not?


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Who Is April Marie Dating? Who is April Marie’s Boyfriend now?

April Marie (@itsaprilmarie) and Jake Cunningham (@itsjakecunningham) may not be able to make their relationship work after all, as April appears to have met a new man, Cody B. Cooper, who appears to be her latest boyfriend.

Cody (@cody.b.cooper) broke the rule when he posted photographs of himself and April on his Instagram story. While show stars are not supposed to post anything on social media that could harm the Netflix show’s reputation, Cody (@cody.b.cooper) did so.

A photo of Cody kissing April on the cheek and another of him carrying her on his back were included in the post, which also included two photos of the boyfriend/girlfriend duo. He captioned the photo “My Love” and included the celebrity’s name as well as the location of the Las Vegas Encore Beach Club.

Sprout Realty is owned by Cody Cooper, April’s new boyfriend, who is also the owner of a real estate company. In addition, he is a co-owner of Kwik Rip, a vape vending business. April’s new tattooed boyfriend appears to be faring much better than Jake did on the show, according to April’s Instagram.

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Boyfriend Personal life

Cody’s Instagram account demonstrates that he owns beautiful cars and residences and that he enjoys the high life. Cody is also a world traveler who enjoys boating on the water. He also enjoys riding motorcycles and driving high-performance automobiles. He also appears to have a strong interest in golf, weapons, and cigars, among other things.

April’s new boyfriend, an entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas, has also announced plans to launch his own men’s underwear brand. Cody is a huge fan of haberdashery and tends to dress in high-end clothing on a regular basis. His favorite headwear includes top hats and cowboy hats.

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April Marie Dating History

Towards the beginning of the show, April Marie issues an ultimatum to her ex-boyfriend Jake Cunningham. Jake, on the other hand, was not prepared for marriage and children, according to her statement.

Jake explained that he had recently retired from the army and that he wanted to enjoy life while also trying to establish financial stability before beginning a relationship and having children with his girlfriend.

Jake thought April was being a little self-centered and wasn’t paying attention to what he wanted out of the relationship. At some point during the course of the show, Jake formed an emotional attachment to Rae Williams (@rae.williams), who had arrived with Zay Wilson (@theofficialzaywilson).

After months of separation, Jake was reunited with April, only for the two of them to call it quits after only a few months of being together. The show came to a close with April expressing her optimism, saying, “Single April is coming unleashed!” despite their separation.

On Wednesday’s reunion episode, April and her former boyfriend Jake confirmed that they had never gotten back together, and April revealed that she has been in a serious relationship and has moved in with her new relationship.

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