Who Is Amouranth’s Husband “Nick Lee” And What Are The Allegations?

amouranth husband
amouranth husband

You might have heard about Amouranth’s husband, Nick Lee. He is someone who has been accused of money laundering, tax evasion, and other shady dealings. How did he steal her streamer from viewers? Find out in this article!

Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known online as Amouranth, is one of the world’s most popular streamers.

The 28-year-old has over five million followers on the live streaming service Twitch, and she frequently streams for up to 12 hours a day, playing video games or simply chatting with her audience during her signature “hot tub” streams. (Hot tub streamers are Twitch streamers who broadcast from a pool or spa that is inflatable.)

The content creator also has one of the largest fan bases on OnlyFans, earning over $1.5 million per month on the adult website.

Amouranth has maintained that she is single since joining Twitch in 2016. However, the content creator revealed her marital status during a live Twitch stream on Sunday, accusing her husband of emotional abuse.

She also claimed that he has complete control over their finances, forces her to stream for hours on end, and has threatened to kill her dogs.

Amouranth questioned her husband during a phone call, asking him, “Why did you say you were going to kill my dog?”

She responded after her husband became enraged and began hurling obscenities: “What exactly are you saying? You just threatened to kill my dogs if I didn’t do a 24-hour stream.”

In another video, Amouranth explained that her husband would not allow her to reveal their marital status to her audience because it would “ruin the business model” of her online persona.

“You want me to tell them I’m single, and it’s about to happen,” she explained. “The therapist even told him that it’s emotional abuse and that I’m essentially living in a fancy prison.”

The 28-year-old also claimed that her husband’s phone number is linked to all of her accounts and that he has threatened to “burn” all of her money.

She also showed the camera text messages in which her husband threatened to kill her horse, donate her money to various organizations, and take the majority of her earnings.

“He keeps you there with the fear and threats, and then he’s nice again and says everything will be fine,” she explained.

Amouranth returned to Twitch for the first time on Tuesday, telling her audience that she now has access to her accounts and that her husband is no longer staying at their home.

“He’s getting help,” she said of her husband. “I’m also seeking legal and emotional advice.” She also claimed that the abuse had been going on for years and that many of her employees were aware of it but did nothing.

While Amouranth has not revealed the identity of her husband, leaked marriage certificates show that she was married to a man named Nick Lee. Amouranth, on the other hand, has not confirmed the authenticity of the leaked certificate.

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