Where Is Kelly Ronahan Now? What Actually Happened To Kelly Ronahan?

Kelly Ronahan
Kelly Ronahan

Few people have seen Kelly go from being a healthy woman who wanted to go back to ballet to a weak woman who needed to have her leg cut off to save her life. Her story is undeniably touching, and people who had seen Kelly change are worried about the recent rumors about her death. Read carefully.

Where Is Kelly Ronahan In 2022?

After her leg was cut off in May 2021, Kelly Ronahan went on with her life. Her last Instagram post was in April 2021. It was a long one in which she talked about how she felt and came to the conclusion that inner beauty never needs makeup.

2014 was the first year that Kelly Ronahan was known for something. Ronahn, a young and talented ballet dancer, had a strange and tragic turn in her life, and no one could figure out what was wrong with her.

Kelly went from one mysterious illness to another, which led people to say she made up her symptoms to get attention. One of the rumors on the Internet says that she gave herself sepsis on purpose by putting feces into her legs.


Kelly went back to the hospital a few weeks after her positive Instagram post because she had picked at the sores on her legs. She had to stay in the hospital for three days to save her legs. During that time, several specialists checked on her, but none of them could figure out what was wrong with her.

Kelly’s ankles and legs stopped feeling things as time went on. Her inability to stop getting in the way of healing and the size of the wounds kept them from getting better. At that point, she had already lost her toe, so the doctors told her she should have her leg cut off. It is said that her leg was cut off in May 2021.

Tiktok Responds To Kelly’s Munchausen Syndrome And Hidden Story

Munchausen’s syndrome is a mental disorder in which a person fakes an illness or shows signs of illness on purpose. Their main goal is to act sick so that people will care for them and pay attention to them.

Kelly Ronahan, a young and talented dancer, started her medical journey at the start of 2014 when she said she needed blood transfusions every week to treat a rare blood illness.

Doctors didn’t know why her hemoglobin level kept dropping every week. Up until March 2016, 95 liters of blood had been given to her. The former ballet dancer and Okanagan College student said that Ronahan’s condition put her life on hold.

Kelly told Global News in an interview that her body kept getting worse week after week, which made her less energetic. Even though she got blood transfusions, her health got worse, and she couldn’t go back to work as a ballet teacher.

Netizens felt sorry for Kelly’s situation and sent her a lot of support and encouragement every time she updated them on her health. She joined an organization for blood donors to encourage other people to give blood.

It was first noticed in July 2016, when she was taken to the hospital because she was having seizures. Later, doctors found out that she was making them up. She was kicked out of the hospital because she made up for her illness. People thought she had “Munchausen’s syndrome,” which is a mental illness.

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