Kanye West: Where Is He Now? Is He Missing?

Where is Kanye West? Kanye West is a rapper, songwriter, and producer who is known for his very successful music career and outspoken personality. People want to know more about Kanye.

The rapper got a lot of attention in 2022 for a number of reasons, and as the year came to an end, he became even more famous. No one sees Kanye in public. This article will answer the question, “Is Kanye West missing?” Where is he now, and a lot of other things. Lets See.

Is Kanye West Missing?

Kanye West’s former business manager thinks that the rapper is “missing” because he hasn’t been able to find him for a few weeks. The Independent says that Thomas St. John, Kanye West’s senior financial advisor, is suing the rapper for not paying him.

Thomas St. John asked the court for more time to find Kanye West and give him the lawsuit papers because he couldn’t find him. Kanye West is named as the defendant in the court papers. Court documents say that Thomas St. John is asking for more time to serve Kanye West.

St. John says that he did not get paid for the 18 months that he was supposed to work for Ye. Even though he only worked for three months and was supposed to get $300,000 for each of them, he was still fired.

According to the complaint, Ye got “heated and aggressive” in January 2022 and “screamed” at St. John, telling him he didn’t want to work with him anymore.

Neither Kanye nor his lawyer have said anything about the court filing.

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Where Is Kanye West Now?

Some people think Kanye may have died because of all the rumours that he has disappeared, but there is no proof to back this up. But one thing is for sure: Kanye has a history of avoiding legal problems he may not want to deal with. It’s not clear if finding him is impossible, but he has definitely become harder to see in the past few weeks.

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