What’s happening with Andrew Wiggins? What is Wrong With Him?

what is wrong with wiggins
what is wrong with wiggins

Andrew Wiggins, a forward for the Golden State Warriors, has been absent from the group for a while. He last appeared for the Dubs on February 13 against the Washington Wizards, scoring a game-winning 29 points. He hasn’t played on the floor since that contest, though. For personal reasons, GSW blocked him, but what is going on with Andrew Wiggins?

Will Andrew Wiggins make a comeback this year?

The Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, stated that the 28-year-old Wiggins might make a brief comeback this season. For his formal return, there is no set date as of yet. They’re allowing him space as he deals with something more important than the game, Kerr added when asked if there have been any updates on Andrew Wiggins. “It would be wonderful if he could return. And if not, then that is the situation; we will respond appropriately, he continued.

What might be the cause of Andrew Wiggins’ absence from the game?

According to the official report, Andrew Wiggin was absent due to an “unspecified personal matter.” However, Wiggins hasn’t disclosed anything more to his squad or the general public. People have wondered what happened with the former first-overall selection because of his extended absence. Here are a few potential explanations for Wiggins’ temporary absence from the court.

Family Issues

According to rumors, Wiggins’ issue is a family matter he must handle. There are no specifics here, but it must be a grave matter if a team’s front office provides you enough time and space to resolve a dispute.


These wealthy sportsmen are still prone to mental health issues despite the glitz and glamour of their sport. NBA athletes are still people, after all. Legendary basketball player Steph Curry, a teammate of Wiggins, released a statement endorsing Wiggins in his legal fights. Curry stated in a post-game interview, “Friend-to-friend, teammate-to-teammate, I am just giving him support.

 There may be a critically ill family member.

I hope Andrew Wiggins and the entire Wiggins family are secure and well. You cannot, however, eliminate the possibility that someone in the household may be gravely ill. I hope that isn’t the situation in this instance.


This one, out of all the potential ones mentioned here, is probably not the one Andrew Wiggins would give in to. He wasn’t considered dirty since entering the NBA because he hadn’t experienced similar issues.

Wiggins is essential to the Warriors, and here’s why:

Despite being the fifth seed, they compete with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Clippers for that position. (7th).

Andrew Wiggins has appeared in 37 games this season, averaging 17.1 points, 2.3 assists, and 5.0 rebounds. With Wiggins out, the Golden State Warriors lack a crucial component to their squad. The All-Star forward was pivotal in the Warriors’ championship drive in the 2022 NBA Finals.

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