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What Is Wrong With Meg Foster Eyes? What Genetic Defect Meg Foster Have?

Margaret Foster, also known as Meg Foster, is an American film and television actress who is most easily recognized by her eyes.

Her pale blue eyes are something that many people die for, while a smaller number finds it impossible to bear. They find it creepy, according to the Internet.

Nonetheless, blue eyes are uncommon, and she has them. But why are things the way they are? Is it a result of a mutation, genetics, or something else?

Meg Fosters’ eyes are Mutated or Genetically Defected

There have never been any reports of mutations or genetic defects. But one thing is certain. Those are the most natural blue eyes you’ll ever see. And without the need of any surgical treatments.

After her beautiful pale-blue eyes were called “the eyes of 1979” by Mademoiselle magazine in 1979, she claimed that her eyes were not “that remarkable.”

Some film and television producers, however, had her wear contact lenses to reduce the “distractive” look of her eyes.

Meg Foster Quick Facts

1. Foster first came to prominence as a theater actor in 1968, when she appeared in two plays : John Brown’s Body and The Empire Builders. She then appeared in additional theater works such as Barrabas, Three Sisters, Extremities, King Lear, and others.

2. Christopher Starr is her son


3. Foster, who has a distinguished set of blue colored eyes, has been asked to wear contact lenses on a few times by various producers since her eyes allegedly cause a distraction on a movie set.

4. In 2016, she was nominated for a BloodGuts UK Horror Award for Best Supporting Actress. Similarly, she was nominated for a Genie Award for Best Performance by a Foreign Actress for her part in the film Ticket to Heaven.

Meg Foster FAQ

Q. Who is Meg Foster Married to?

A. Stephen McHattie.

Q. How old is Meg Foster?

A. 74 Years (May 10, 1948).

Q. Why are Meg Foster’s eyes so blue?

A. The article is about her eyes and also answering your question.

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