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This page contains information about Polo G’s net worth, income, and other important facts. Polo G has a $7 million net worth as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and record executive. Polo G is a young and well-known rapper and musician in the United States. He is also known as Taurus Tremani Bartlett, Polo Capalot, and many other names.

Even though social media has made the task of keeping up with the person you like a cinch, it’s still important to know everything you can about them. That also applies to their monetary standing. Being a public personality means that everything you do is scrutinized by the general public and the media, which means that your life is constantly on display.

“Finer Things” and “Pop Out,” two of the rapper’s most popular songs, catapulted him to fame in 2018. This year, Polo-G released his debut album Die A Legend. It didn’t take him long to establish himself in the music industry, and his debut album reached the US Billboard 200’s number six spot.

Quick Facts:

Real Name

Taurus Tremani Bartlett

Nick Name

Polo G

Date of Birth

January 6, 1999



State of Origin





Taurus Bartlett


Stacia Ma

Net Worth


What is Polo G’s Full First Name?

Polo G’s Real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett. It’s only that this stage name has a deeper significance to the performer. The rapper claims that the word “Polo” in his name refers to his favorite clothing line of the same name, and the letter “G” refers to a close buddy who tragically died at the age of 16 and was a fan of Gucci. He was deeply affected by this experience and chose to go public with his rap, despite his initial reluctance. He wants people to be aware of the story’s origins and where he gets his ideas.

In the previous paragraph, it was noted that stage names might be used for numerous purposes. In 2018, “Finer Things” and “Pop Out” drew the public’s notice, but Bartlett’s early tracks were available online in 2017. Bartlett’s most recent single, “Rapstar,” was released in 2021 and peaked at number one on the Hot 100 chart.

What Is Polo G’s Career

Bartlett has been a music lover since he was a child; he started from the ground up and has had his mother’s support ever since. His mother supported him in his quest for his Dream. According to Wikipedia, the first song Bartlett recorded was called “ODA,” and he posted it on YouTube. In 2018, he opened a Soundcloud account and released “Gang with Me,” which received a massive amount of plays.

He went on to release his debut studio album, “Die a Legend,” which included the songs “Deep Wounds,” “Through da Storm,” “Effortless,” and “Dyin’ Breed.” He went on to release another song, “Pop Out,” featuring Lil Tjay, which peaked at number 11 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Pop Out’s music video received over 200 million views on YouTube, resulting in a record deal with Columbia Records.

In September, the rapper decided to branch out by launching his own record label, “Only Dreamers Achieve (ODA).” In February 2020, he released the single “Go Stupid.” The song was his second to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 60. Taurus is also known for using drugs like Ecstasy and Xanax. He was admitted to the hospital on August 12, 2019, as a result of a near overdose at a party. However, his hospitalization and the death of his friend, Juice World, caused him to discontinue the use of Ecstasy and Xanax.

What is Polo G’s Early Life

Polo G, real name Taurus Tremani Bartlett, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is named after his father, Taurus Bartlett. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on Wednesday, January 6, 1999.

His mother’s name is Stacia Mac, and she also works as the rapper’s manager (Interesting, right?). We can credit his mother’s success as his manager to his family’s involvement in the entertainment industry.

He is the second of four children. He has two younger siblings and an older sister. For ease of reading, the names of his siblings are written below. Bartlett completed his high school education at Chicago’s Innovations High School.

Polo G’s net worth

Polo-estimated G’s net worth as of 2022 is $7 million. Bartlett hasn’t been in the company for very long. However, he has shown himself as a musician and his flawless narrative technique has captivated the audience for the duration of the performance. Being involved in numerous initiatives, as well as his prospective projects, helped him earn a higher annual salary, which in turn raised his net worth.


Taurus Tremani Bartlett

Net Worth (2022)

$7 Million


Rapper, singer-songwriter, record executive

Monthly Income And Salary

$50,000 +

Yearly Income And Salary

$0.5 Million +

Polo G’s Home And Car!

Polo G is an American rapper and singer. He is a very successful and wealthy individual who has risen to prominence in a short period of time. Polo G also has a number of real estate holdings. He lives in Chicago, where he was born. Polo G also owns property in Los Angeles, Texas, and other locations.

Polo G has a beautiful collection of cars, including some that are very luxurious and expensive. Polo G owns a Range Rover, a Land Rover, a Mercedes, a Ford, and a few other vehicles.

Polo G’s Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022

$7 Million

Net Worth in 2021

$6.5 Million

Net Worth in 2020

$6 Million

Net Worth in 2019

$5.5 Million

Net Worth in 2018

$5 Million

Net Worth in 2017

$4.5 Million


How old is Taurus Tremani Bartlett?

Why did Polo G change his name?

His name has two interpretations.

The word “Polo” refers to his favorite clothing brand of the same name. And the “G” stands for his friend Gucci, who died when he was 16 years old.

Polo G is the proud father of Tremani, his son with his girlfriend Crystal Blease.


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