What Happened To Kyler Murray? How Long “Arizona Cardinals QB” Will Be Out?

The Arizona Cardinals’ first fears were confirmed by an MRI.

Kyler Murray, a quarterback for the Cardinals, tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the season. Kliff Kingsbury addressed the media on Tuesday.

“He’ll be done with work for the year.” “That’s too bad,” Kingsbury remarked. “It’s hard to understand.”

Murray tore his ACL when the Patriots beat them 27–13 on Monday night. Three plays into the game, when Murray was running downfield, he got hurt.

He tried to plant on his leg, but he fell awkwardly and hurt himself even though he didn’t hit anything. Before he was put on a cart, he was taken care of by the Cardinals’ medical staff.

His teammates tried to comfort him before he was taken off the field and didn’t come back.

Murray has been replaced in the lineup by Colt McCoy, who will be the team’s starter for the rest of the year.

How Long “Arizona Cardinals QB” Will Be Out?

Recovery times are different. The Mayo Clinic says that “in general,” it can take “as long as a year or more” before athletes can safely play again after surgery.

Murray’s injury could make it hard for him to play in 2023. Joe Burrow tore his ACL and MCL in his left knee on November 22, 2020. He came back to play in a preseason game on August 29, 2021.

Kyle Murray’s 2022 Season

The injury means the end of a tough season for the Cardinals quarterback.

Murray signed a new deal with the Cardinals in July. It was for five years and $230,500,000. After it came out that an independent study clause had been added to the deal’s obligations, it was looked at more closely. The clause was later removed following a backlash from the entire league.

Murray and the Cardinals started the season with a record of 2-4, and they still haven’t been able to get back on track. The quarterback has gotten into a few fights on the sidelines and has missed two games this year because of an injury to his hamstring.

The dual-threat quarterback, who is in his fourth year, threw for 2,368 yards, 14 touchdowns, and seven picks. He had a career-low score of 87.2. In 11 games this year, he ran the ball for a total of 418 yards and three touchdowns.

The Cardinals are 4-9 and have lost their last three games before Murray’s departure.

“He’s very upset about it.” “Without a doubt,” Murray said, according to Kingsbury. “He is just as competitive as anyone I’ve ever met.” He wanted this season to end well. So far this season, we’ve had a lot of trouble. “We had been looking forward to this for the past month and are trying to really build up for next year, so we are very disappointed.”

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