What Happened To Daniel Jones Star Of “New York Giants”?

what happened to daniel jones

What Happened To Daniel Jones? Daniel Stephen Jones III is a quarterback for the National Football League’s New York Giants (NFL). He played football in college at Duke, and the Giants took him with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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What Happened To Daniel Jones Star Of “New York Giants”?

Late in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bears, quarterback Daniel Jones hurt his ankle. Backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor took over for him. Taylor had to go to the locker room to be checked for a concussion, so Jones went back out on the field in the fourth quarter.

Taylor got a concussion, which was found out later. He’s in the protocol now. Jones had X-rays taken of his left ankle after the game, and when asked if the first results were good, he told ESPN, “I’m good.”

Jones said that he didn’t know if it was a high ankle sprain right after the game. This week, he plans to take more tests.

“I feel good.” Jones said, “I feel good,” as he limped through the locker room and to his post-game news conference. “A little sore, but otherwise fine.” “Listen to your trainers and doctors, and then decide what to do next.”

The Giants are 3-1 and will play the Green Bay Packers in London next Sunday. The week will be spent keeping an eye on Jones’ and Taylor’s availability.


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