Wes Studi: A Native American Actor and Producer

Wes Studi
Wes Studi

Wes Studi, a Native American actor and producer, received an Academy Honorary Award in 2019 for his portrayal of Native Americans in movies.

He has appeared in numerous outstanding films, including Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans, Geronimo: An American Legend, and Avatar. He is also a Vietnam War veteran, a political activist, and a Cherokee language instructor. Here is an overview of his age, financial worth, daughter, wife, and early life.

Wes Studi Age and Net Worth

Wes Studi was born on December 17, 1947, in Nofire Hollow, Oklahoma, United States. He is 76 years old in 2024. He is the son of Maggie and Andy Studi, who belong to American Indigenous tribes.

He grew up speaking Cherokee at home and learning other languages in school. He graduated from Chilocco Indian Agricultural School in 1964 and joined the Oklahoma National Guard in 1965. He spent a year serving in Vietnam with the 9th Infantry Division.

Wes Studi Daughter

Wes Studi’s acting career began in 1988 with the film The Trial of the Standing Bear. He has since acted in more than 80 films and television shows, receiving critical acclaim and prizes for his work.

He is well renowned for portraying Native American characters, including Magua in The Last of the Mohicans, Geronimo in Geronimo: An American Legend, and Eytukan in Avatar. He has also portrayed villains like Sagat in Street Fighter and heroes like Victor Sagat in Mystery Men.

He is the first Native American to get an Academy Honorary Award and the second North American from an Indigenous group to win an Oscar, following Buffy Sainte-Marie.

According to several sources, Wes Studi’s net worth is predicted to be about $1 million by 2024. His income comes from acting, producing, writing, and teaching. He has supported several charities, including Save the Children, Breast Cancer Care, and the British Heart Foundation.

Wes Studi Daughter, Wife, and Early Life

Wes Studi has been married twice and has three children. Rebecca Graves was his first wife, and they married in 1974. They had two children: a daughter, Leah, and a son, Daniel. They got divorced in 1982. He married his second wife, Maura Dhu Studi, in 1986.

Wes Studi

She is the only child of renowned actor Jack Albertson. Their son, Kholan, is also a musician. Wes and Maura play together in the band Fire of Discord.

Wes Studi’s involvement in Native American activism shaped his early life. He took part in the Wounded Knee Incident at Pine Ridge Reservation in 1973, where he joined the American Indian Movement in protesting the US government’s policies and treatment of Native Americans.

He also helped develop the Cherokee Phoenix, a Cherokee-language newspaper and taught Cherokee at several schools and institutions. He became interested in acting after a friend suggested it as a good method to meet attractive ladies. He studied acting at Tulsa Community College before moving to Los Angeles to further his profession.


Wes Studi is a Native American actor and producer who has made significant contributions to the representation and awareness of Native Americans in film and television. He was also a Vietnam War veteran, a political activist, and a Cherokee language teacher.

He married Maura Dhu Studi, and they have three children. He is 76 years old and has a net worth of $1 million. He is a role model and inspiration to many individuals, particularly Native Americans and Indigenous peoples.

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