Who Is Viggo Venn? Britneys Got Talent Winner Comedian!

Viggo Venn
Viggo Venn

Viggo Venn is a well-known Norwegian humorist and jester who won “Best Comedy” at the Brighton Fringe Festival and “New Act of the Year 2022” at the NATYS. Numerous individuals have conducted extensive online research to determine Viggo Venn’s net worth, age, and height. So here we are to answer all of your questions about Viggo Venn. This article discusses Viggo Venn’s net worth, age, height, and other relevant information.

Viggo Venn Biography

Norwegian clown and comedian Viggo Venn delight audiences. After moving to London to become a British comedian, Viggo became a comedic sensation. Despite the lack of information about his early life, his comedy has garnered praise. Viggo Venn has wowed judges and audiences at several comedy festivals.

His exceptional talent earned him the NATYS “New Act of the Year 2022” award, solidifying his hilarious brilliance. Viggo won “Best Comedy” at the Brighton Fringe for his humorous talents. Viggo Venn’s humor and audience connection set him apart.

Viggo Venn
Viggo Venn

His comedy, charisma, and clowning style set him apart from other comics. Viggo delights and surprises audiences with his witty humor and hilarious timing. Viggo Venn keeps improving his comedy and performance as his celebrity develops. Viggo’s humorous talent onstage will delight spectators. They’ll laugh and remember it.

Viggo Venn Age

Viggo Venn Is 34 years old in 2023.  He was born in 1989; Norwegian comedian and performer Viggo Venn won Britain’s Got Talent.

Viggo Venn Height

Viggo Venn is a 6 feet 8-inch-tall Norwegian comedian and dancer. He is well-known for his towering size and physical comic acts. In several appearances, notably his audition for Britain’s Got Talent, he has leveraged his height to his advantage.

Viggo Venn Weight

Viggo Venn weighs around 70-75kg. He has a slim frame and is in terrific physical shape. Venn’s weight has been a source of contention, with some asking if he is too thin.

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Viggo Venn Won Britney Got Talent

Viggo Venn has won the latest season of Beitneys Got Talent. Viggo Venn, a Norwegian comedian and clown, gained fame on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) in 2023. Viggo charmed the judges and audience with his excellent dancing moves. His comedy routines used a high-visibility waistcoat. Viggo’s BGT performance fulfilled his aim of becoming a British comic. Viggo’s distinct comedy and talent shone throughout the tournament.

The BGT Tweeted about Viggo Venn with the caption Grab your hi-vis-vest, its time to PARTY with your #BGT2023 WINNER.

Viggo made it to the ITV Grand Final despite strong opposition. His performances captivated audiences everywhere. Viggo’s comedy and theatrical presence were apparent on BGT, despite criticism. He became a comic star after winning BGT 2023. Viggo Venn gained professional recognition and career prospects with this win.

Viggo Venn also posted a clip from the BGT finals on his Instagram. You can see the Post below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Viggo Venn (@viggovenn)

Viggo Venn’s BGT triumph has helped him reach more people and pursue comedy. Fans admire him for his enthusiasm, performances, and audience interaction. Viggo Venn, a rising comedic talent, has left a lasting impression on BGT with his spectacular performances.

Viggo Venn’s Net Worth

Viggo Venn is a Norwegian comedian, actor, and writer with a $1 million net worth. He is most remembered for his performances on Britain’s Got Talent when he won the competition in 2023. Venn’s net worth has increased dramatically since his victory on BGT, as he has used his newfound celebrity to tour the UK and release a new album. He has also secured several hefty endorsement contracts.

Conclusion: Viggo Venn is a Norwegian comedian. He received “Best Comedy” at the Brighton Fringe Festival and “New Act of the Year 2022″ at NATYS. Viggo Venn’s age, height, and net worth are frequently queried. 1989 born Viggo Venn. His 6’8” height enhances his comedy. Slender Viggo Venn weighs 70–75 kg. Viggo’s distinct comedy and dancing won Britain’s Got Talent. Rising comedian Viggo Venn won BGT.

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