Two Years After Their Tense Interview, Megyn Kelly Responds To Jane Fonda’s Declaration That She Won’t Get Any More Plastic Surgery

megyn kelly
megyn kelly

Megyn Kelly and Jane Fonda got into a heated argument about the Oscar-winning actress’s use of plastic surgery more than two years ago. Kelly, who used to host the now-canceled NBC morning show Megyn Kelly Today, asked the star if she had had “work done” and reminded her that Fonda had said she wasn’t “proud” to admit it in the past.

During the September 27, 2017 episode, Fonda asked, “Do we really want to talk about that now?” She then turned the conversation back to co-star Robert Redford and their film, Our Souls at Night. Fonda, who is now 82, talked about the moment in several interviews years later.

Fonda told ET Canada, “It’s weird to bring up whether or not I’ve had plastic surgery when we don’t have a lot of time and Bob is right here.” “Yes, and I’ve talked about it. It didn’t seem like the right time or place to ask that question.”

In January 2018, Fonda said that Kelly’s questions were “so wrong.” This made the drama worse. Kelly then used a part of her show to defend the interview and criticize Fonda’s “poor me routine.” The TV host then brought up the actress and activist’s reputation as “Hanoi Jane” during the Vietnam War and said, “She has no right to tell anyone what is offensive.”

Fonda is now talking about the plastic surgery she’s had. The Grace & Frankie star, who was last seen at the Oscars with a grey pixie cut, told Elle Canada that she doesn’t want to get any plastic surgery.

She told a magazine, “I can’t pretend I’m not vain, but there won’t be any more plastic surgery. I’m not going to cut myself up anymore.”

Kelly, whose show was canceled in 2018, responded to the news by saying that Fonda has been reluctant to talk about the issue in the past.

The former Fox News host tweeted, “Wait, I thought… oh well, never mind.”

Some people said Fonda was a hypocrite for talking about plastic surgery, while others said Kelly was making fun of a woman because of how she looks and how old she is.