Is Ashley Jones Of “Teen Mom’ Pregnant For 2nd Time? Truth Reveled Here!

teen mom ashley pregnant

Right now, Ashley Jones’s life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. She is going through a very hard time right now. Her older brother died recently, and the tweets from MTV upset her and her husband, Bar Smith. So, the Teen Mom Reunion star is going through a lot of trouble right now.

But her relationship with her husband and daughter is happy and healthy. But she might have a hard time getting along with the other people on the show because Ashley got into fights with them. People are also making up stories about her pregnancy. Read on to find out more about what has been going on with Ashley.

Is Ashley Jones Of “Teen Mom’ Pregnant For 2nd Time? Truth Reveled Here!

Several rumours have circulated regarding Teen Mom Reunion star Ashley Jones’ second pregnancy. A new episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion’s second season just aired on TV. In the episode, it was clear that Ashley, her co-star Briana DeJesus, and their mothers, Roxanne and Tea, were in a tough spot.

Also, their fight over words turned into a scary physical fight later on. There were rumours going around that Ashley was pregnant again, which led to the fight. Well, Catelynn was to blame for this because she started telling the rest of the cast that Ashley was pregnant again. Later, everyone in the cast heard about it.

Well, Ashley told everyone she was pregnant in September of last year. But Briana had already told the truth before the star could make an official statement. The latter went on Instagram Stories to talk about all of their fights, where she joked about Ashley’s pregnancy. Jones’ co-star had already given away the secret.

So, she went on social media to explain to her fans by thanking Briana and letting them know she was pregnant. Ashley posted a video of herself and her husband, Bar, dancing to a song that was popular at the time. Then, the Teen Mom star’s curious Tiktok fans asked her questions.

Catelynn Baltierra Made Ashley Jones’ Pregnancy Public

Catelynn Baltierra

Catelynn Baltierra says that she was the one who told Briana and other people on the set of Teen Mom: Family Reunion that Ashley was pregnant. Catelynn told Jade Cline that Ashley was pregnant when the fight between her and Briana DeJesus began.

Catelynn was one of only two people who knew about the pregnancy at the time. Since then, she has said that putting the pregnancy out there was wrong. She has taken the time to say why she did what she did.

Catelynn wasn’t sure if Briana and Ashley were going to fight over how angry they were with each other. So, she told Jade that Ashley was pregnant so that everyone would know and they wouldn’t get into a fight. “When it comes to deciding what’s most important, I will always put safety over loyalty, and I won’t ever be sorry for it!” Catelynn Said.

She also said that Briana would want to know if the person she was trying to fight was pregnant before something bad happened. But since then, Ashley has come forward with some more details about her pregnancy.

Did Ashley Jones Have A Miscarriage In November?

In November, Ashley answered questions about her second child in the comments section of her Tiktok account. She confirmed the pregnancy back in September, but in November, she sent a message that was hard to understand and hinted that she might have lost the baby.

At the time, the Sun took screen shots of Ashley’s answer. She wrote, “I know you guys are curious, but I’m not in a place to tell you.” Ashely Jones went on to thank everyone for caring about her.

Fans seem to have put the matter behind them and are giving her the privacy she wants for now. Many people thought that what she said meant that she had lost the baby. But the Teen Mom star has not confirmed or denied that.

No matter what, Ashley Jones’s fans are thinking of her and praying for her. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Ashley and the rest of the Teen Mom stars.

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