Susie Evans And Clayton Echard From The Bachelor Still Together

Susie Evans And Clayton Echard From The Bachelor Still Together

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Wait for a second… Susie Evans, a contestant from season 26, and The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard are still together? It’s likely that they resumed their romance despite the reality that the videographer left him in Iceland. To find out how the reality TV couples are doing right now, keep reading.

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Are ‘Bachelor’ Clayton Echard And Susie Evans Still Together?

Are Clayton and Susie from The Bachelor 2022 still together? Yes, it is the answer. Clayton said that he left Iceland and resumed “what I thought was my normal life” until Susie got in touch with him and asked him to take her back during his “After the Final Rose” special in March 2022.

Clayton stated, “I was absolutely shocked there was maybe that came from all of it,”   Susie later revealed on the special that she and Clayton were still dating. She said, “We’re incredibly thrilled, and we’re happy to be here today.” That’s my boyfriend.” Susie confessed that she and Clayton “took some steps back,” but are currently in love. “I can confidently say yeah, he’s incredible,” she said that they are still in love. She affirmed,  “I can confidently say yeah, he’s incredible,” she said..

Additionally, Clayton and Susie admitted that they “could have done better” with the way their finale turned out and that they “anticipate some reaction” for their connection. They disclosed that their love is “serious” and that they intend to move to Susie’s hometown of Virginia together.

Neil Lane, the creator of engagement rings, was in the crowd when host Jesse Palmer asked Clayton whether he was planning to pop the question. Clayton said that he currently had other plans for his relationship with Susie. Susie accepted after Clayton had asked if she would formally accept his last rose.

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What occurred between Clayton and Susie?

Susie added, “If you feel like you’re in love with me, it doesn’t make sense to sleep with someone else,” as the future couple continued to argue. Clayton responded, “I promised myself going into this that I wouldn’t fall in love with numerous ladies, but it’s occurred.

There was no going back in time, despite the fact that Clayton said he would have acted differently if he had known it would “be a deal-breaker” for Susie. Susie left while sobbing.

Nevertheless, Susie did show up again for the last rose ceremony in the finale. Susie not only makes a comeback to the show, but she also ends up being the last one standing at the awarding of the final rose following an argument involving Clayton, Rachel, and Gabby.

Clayton and Susie

“Clayton departed Iceland solo when Susie is encouraged to stay and rejects his proposal at the final rose ceremony,” Reality Steve mentioned it in an Instagram post on March 8. On March 14, the reality TV blogger provided an update, noting that Clayton just expresses his love for Susie—not that he makes a proposal. In the end, she still turns him down, and he departs alone.

What ultimately happened at the climax. Susie tells Clayton that she has decided to leave Iceland alone, calling the decision “devastating.”

She informs him before leaving, “I thought about this and I don’t think I’m your person and I don’t think that you’re mine.

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What has occurred since the filming was completed?

They are still a happy couple today. “It did work out in a twisted, strange way because I met Susie. And I’m more content than ever “Clayton spoke with People.

We had to step back, and when we started over, we laid a fresh basis for our relationship, Susie continued. “I was totally caught off guard by everything that happened in Iceland so I needed to take time for myself and get to the bottom of who Clayton is as a person.”

However, Clayton never wavered: “I never took a step back. I was still very much in love with Susie and when the door opened back up, I was fully back in,”  He clarified.

Regarding that significant altercation from earlier in the season,”I wanted answers for how he treated me on the initial day of our breakup. But we’ve learned so much about each other. And those feelings of love came back,” Susie explained.

Clayton and Susie are still together now, and in order to keep their relationship continuing, Clayton is relocating to Virginia, where Susie currently resides. Still no engagement.

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