Simon Cowell Weight Loss: How Did Britain’s Got Talent Judge Manage To Reduce Weight? His Diet Plan

simon cowell weight loss
simon cowell weight loss

People have been quick to compliment judge Simon Cowell on his new, slimmer body since the show Britain’s Got Talent came back to TV. Simon, who is 60, has lost a little more than a stone and a half since he changed his diet and way of life. He now looks great. But how did the star lose weight? Was he on a diet? What did he look like before?

How Much Weight Did Simon Cowell Lose?

People think that the music mogul has lost a huge 20 pounds since he changed his diet and way of life. In an interview with the newspaper Source, Simon said: “The most exciting part was the first month when you lose most of the weight and look at yourself and think, “Wow. “My waist used to be 36 inches, but now it’s only 30 inches. I’m very happy right now.”

How Did Simon Cowell Drop Weight?

Simon is thought to have lost weight by completely cutting out sugar from his diet and eating less meat. Simon said, “The food has to be sensible, but it also has to be interesting and tasty.” This makes it “surprisingly easy,” he said.

He said, “All I do is stay away from red meat—white meat is fine—and eat a lot of vegetables, salads, and this great beer.” “If you’re on a diet, the food you eat needs to be healthy, but it also needs to be interesting and tasty. If it is, the diet will be surprisingly easy.”

He also said, “I’m on a diet, but I don’t feel like I’m on one because the food I’m eating is so healthy and it’s not boring.” If it’s not interesting, you won’t do it.”

simon cowell
simon cowell

What Did Simon Cowell Take Out Of His Diet To Lose Weight?

The Express says that Simon Cowell gave up dairy, sugar, gluten, and red meat to lose four stone in four years. A doctor told the 62-year-old music mogul, who is best known for making talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, that he needed to change his diet.

What Scare Did Simon Cowell Have With His Health?

Simon recently told Source how his injuries from riding an e-bike have affected both his physical and mental health. After the accident, he spent a month in bed at his Malibu home. He now has a steel rod in his back.