Robert Downey Jr. Is Gay? Robert Downey Jr. Claims To Have Sexually Active Gay Goats

Mark Ruffalo doesn’t seem to be a big lover of the Internet and has never actually Googled himself, so when he picked up an activism award at the Annual Riverkeeper’s Fishermen’s Ball last night, one Vulture writer seized the opportunity to introduce him to “Science Bros.” For those who are unaware, “Science Bros” shows the homoerotic interaction between Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Mark adored it.

In fact, he was so taken with it that he couldn’t stop giggling and glancing at the images (we obtained the above one from here) that his publicist became concerned. Not because she was laughing, but because she noticed her client gazing at homoerotic artwork.

Mark told her (after probably panicking out) that the drawings were of him “Yes! It’s just Robert and myself! Take a look at this! They number in the thousands! It’s known as the Science Bros. This is fantastic. I’d never heard of it before. Why hasn’t anyone informed me about this?”

He continued, ” “I wholeheartedly support it. You know what it is, don’t you? It’s all about open-source creativity.”

A hottie with a wicked sense of humour. If only he was truly gay…

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