Renejay Reveals ‘New Face’ After Rhinoplasty | His Before & After Pictures

Renejay Reveals 'New Face' After Rhinoplasty
Renejay Reveals 'New Face' After Rhinoplasty

Renejay Barcarse is a Mobile Legends Pro player from the Philippines. He plays for Nexplay EVOS at the moment. He is a young star on social media and a gamer from the Philippines. He has found his place in the world as a gamer and social media influencer.

He has a lot of success and is well-known at a young age, which is what every young person wants. He is about 5’8″ tall and weighs between 65 and 70Kg. He is very well-known for how well he plays. We haven’t been able to find out Renejay’s real name.

Renejay Plastic Surgery

Renejay has undergone Rhinoplastic. Many of them look up their plans for the future in the league, but he is different. “I’m going to surprise you. He said, “I don’t know if you’ll like it, but I’ve already decided because I want this for myself.” He is one of the most well-known people in the Philippine MLBB. He got his college degree from US State University. Renejay Bar case is a member of NPX Solid Squad, a group of gamers. The group’s team captain is Mike Ace Chester C. Gonzales.

Renejay Before And After

Renejay, the big star of NXP EVO, has shown his new real face. He had a nose job done. Even though plastic surgery often changes the way the face looks, many people get it done. Renejay, an NXP EVOS superstar, has had plastic surgery. Through his social media handle, he has shown his fans his face. He talked about his trip in a video blog. The player said that he planned to get this surgery.

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