Rebel Wilson Baby: Rebel Wilson Reveals Her Baby Girl Name Royce’s Meaning!

Rebel Wilson Reveals Her Baby Girl Name Royce's Meaning!
Rebel Wilson Reveals Her Baby Girl Name Royce's Meaning!

Rebel Wilson Baby:  By taking the time to bond with her newborn daughter, Rebel Wilson is already establishing a unique and personal relationship with her daughter.

Rebel Wilson Reveals Her Baby Girl Name Royce’s Meaning!

Inside Rebel Wilson's baby shower, hosted by partner Ramona Agruma

Tuesday, the actress from The Almond and The Seahorse announced that she is a mother to her daughter Royce Lillian, who was born through surrogacy. The mother then revealed to PEOPLE that Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson is her daughter’s full name.

I wanted a unique name that began with the letter R, and that’s how I settled on it, she explains exclusively to PEOPLE. The 42-year-other old’s R is Ramona, the name of his partner and the one responsible for the lovely baby shower thrown for the Pitch Perfect alum.

Wilson explains Royce’s middle names as follows: “Women in my family that I look up to go by the names Lillian and Elizabeth. My middle name, like the late monarch’s, was Elizabeth.

The Australian actress says that the most amazing thing about being a mother was holding her newborn daughter for the first time “sensational, and I just want to burst with love for her. Simply said, she’s stunning and flawless. I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a lovely miracle.”

The Senior Year star said on Instagram that she is “forever grateful to everyone who has been involved” in the birth of her daughter Royce, adding that the whole thing “has been years in the making.”

The new mother expressed gratitude to the woman who bore her child and gave birth to her with “such elegance and care.” “What a wonderful gift you have given me by allowing me to begin a family of my own. The ULTIMATE present!”

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On Tuesday, Wilson also discussed her recent return to more serious roles by discussing her part in the IFC Films film The Almond and the Seahorse.

Rebel Wilson welcomes a baby girl named Royce via surrogate

Wilson tells PEOPLE, “When I started acting more than two decades ago, I started as a serious actress.” So I was acting in plays by Shakespeare and Marlowe, hoping to one day emulate Dame Judi Dench, and here I am.

She explains, “I didn’t get to specialize in comedy and go to comedy school in New York until 2003 when I earned a scholarship from Nicole Kidman.”

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According to Wilson, her character Sarah “truly wants a kid and battles with the decision to stay with her husband” because her “want to become a mother is so intense.” This rang true for her as she was in the midst of her own fertility journey at the time of production.

On December 16, you may watch The Almond and the Seahorse in select cinemas, or stream it on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video.

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