Is Playboi Carti Gay? The Artist Answer Left Fans Confused

Jordan Terrell Carter is an American hip-hop singer, rapper, and model who is better known by his stage name, Playboi Carti. Growing up in a poor family, Carti had to struggle a lot in his early years.

A blog article discussing the sexuality of American rapper Playboi Carti. The article questions whether or not he is actually gay!

Playboi Carti Ex Girlfriend Exposed Him

His ex-girlfriend said he cheated on her with a man, people thought Playboi Carti was bisexual. Rumors about his sexuality spread even further after his former hairstylist revealed that he was a member of the Lgbtq+ community.

Playboy Carti’s sexuality was first called into question in 2017, when rumours circulated that he was gay. His girlfriend Ruby Rose revealed at the time that he was allegedly cheating on her with another man, which sparked rumors.

According to his then-girlfriend, Rose, she would get messages from girls telling her that her boyfriend was talking to a transgender woman on social media.

Screenshots of the rapper and the woman’s conversation were shared on the Internet because of Rose. Rose later denied that Carti was not a straight man.

Is Playboi Carti Gay?

Fans were again curious about Carti’s sexuality in 2020 after he posted a song on Instagram that was said to hint at his gender identity. Carti wore bright red hair, a black net tank top, and silver jewellery in the clip.

He looked like he had makeup on while he danced and rapped. Several fans said what they thought in the comments, and many of them said that Carti was gay.

Soon after, Carti’s former hairstylist also talked about the rapper’s real identity, saying that he was bisexual. Rhonnie Lee, a hairdresser, and Carti had a fight, and Lee took to Instagram to show how angry she was with Carti.

She asked Carti’s fans to stop following her on Instagram Stories and called him and his crew gay.

Playboi Carti Talks About The LGBTQ+ Community

Carti talked about his sexuality months before Lee came out with her truth. The young musician knew about the rumours about his gender identity, but he didn’t care what other people thought. He Said:

“I’m being myself.” I don’t like that it took me so long to be myself. “I wish I had started out like this, but if you look at my career, there aren’t many signs of that.”

Carti hasn’t said for sure what gender he likes, but he supports the LGBTQ+ community and doesn’t judge anyone. In a previous interview, Carti was proud to say that he was friends with both gay and transgender people. Before pausing, he said, “I’m done dating.”

Many people were curious about what Carti said at the end of his interview. On Twitter, a fan asked who he had dated and said it would be nice if Carti talked about his dating life.

The fan wrote on social media, “It would be cool to see a well-known rapper like Carti talk about dating trans women or even men.”

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