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Peyush Bansal Net Worth, Biography, Company, Age, Family (2022 Updated)

Peyush Bansal is a prominent Indian businessman. He was raised in a middle-class household. He was born in New Delhi, India, on 26 April 1985.

Peyush Bansal is a McGill University graduate with an MPEFB Management degree (an entrepreneurial program) from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. Peyush worked as a Program Manager for Microsoft after graduating in 2007 but returned to India a few years later to start his own company. Peyush had tried a couple of other business concepts before Lenskart, but none of them worked out.

Peyush has made significant investments in firms such as Feedo and dailyobjects.com in addition to investing in businesses on Shark Tank India.

Peyush began his career in 2007 as a Program Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, where he focused on customer experience. He worked for Microsoft for around a year before resigning and returning to India. Leaving secure employment is a significant decision for Peyush and may come as a shock to his friends and family, but he took it.

Peyush Bansal’s Net Worth in 2022

  • Peyush Bansal operates a well-organized firm, and the company’s net worth continues to expand year after year.
  • His company earned Rs.100 crore in revenue in 2014.
  • In August 2020, he made a total investment of $ 700,000 in Feedo.
  • According to recent reports, his company has a market capitalization of $ 10 billion.
  • Peyush’s estimated net worth is $ 1.3 billion.
  • Lenskart is currently valued at approximately $ 2.5 billion.
  • Bansal at the age of 36, has a net worth of over Rs 600 crores.

Microsoft Service and Peyush Bansal’s Career

Peyush Bansal worked as a program manager at Microsoft Corporation in the United States in 2007. Despite the fact that Peyush Bansal’s initial position at Microsoft was rewarding, he only stayed for a year.

Return to India and become an entrepreneur. He had one aim in mind when he was 24, and that was to launch an e-commerce company.

Peyush Bansal of Shark Tank India

Peyush Bansal is one of the investors, or Sharks, on India’s version of the business reality show Shark Tank. He becomes increasingly well-known following her involvement in the Indian version of the Shark Tank reality show. He is one of six sharks analyzing new company concepts and pitches submitted to the show. This show is built on the premise of Shark Tank America and is a reality show about business.

Peyush Bansal’s Wife:

  • Nimisha Bansal is an Indian citizen who is the wife of Peyush Bansal, the co-founder, and CEO of Lenskart, an Indian optical prescription eyewear retail company.
  • Nimisha Bansal was born and raised in the Indian capital of New Delhi.
  • She enjoys participating in a variety of adventure sports.


Revenue and valuation:

After a $2 million investment from Softbank in December 2019, the company was valued at $1 billion. Lenskart was started in 2010 by Peyush Bansal, a former Microsoft employee, along with Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi. Lenskart expects to earn more than 1,000 crores in revenue by 2020.

Peyush Bansal’s net worth rises year after year as he conducts his business efficiently. In 2014, Lenskart made a profit of Rs. 100 crore.

With strong commitment and innovation with new technology, the company was also awarded the Marketing Sherpa Email Awards 2014 for the “Create and Design – ECommerce” category.

The interview with Peyush Bansal was conducted by vccircle.com and is still available on YouTube, making his success story known around the world. For corporate updates, Peyush Bansal’s Twitter profile https://twitter.com/Lenskart com has been opened. When it won the India TV Yuva Awards in the 2015 business rankings, it gained even more popularity.

How much equity does Peyush Bansal have?

Lenskart is owned by Peyush Bansal, who owns 8.21% of the company.

He owns 8.21 percent of the corporation at the moment. His Chartered Accountant sister owns an 8.18 percent stake in Lenskart. In its most recent investment round, Lenskart was valued at $5 billion.

Height and Weight of Peyush Bansal

Peyush Bansal is a dark-haired man with dark eyes. It has an average morphology. Peyush Bansal stands 6 feet 0 inches tall, stands 182 cm tall, and stands 1.82 m tall, weighing 78 kg (170 lbs).


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