Who Is Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Carter Reum? Is Paris Hilton Engaged To Boyfriend Carter Reum?

paris hilton boyfriend
paris hilton boyfriend

In case you missed it, Paris Hilton is getting married to Carter Reum. She is a reality TV star, a socialite, and an icon for millennials.

For those who want to know: Reum, who is 40 years old, is a venture capitalist and the founder of M13, an investor firm. He has helped start-ups like Daily Harvest, Lyft, and the shoe company Rothy’s.

In 2018, he also published Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success, which he wrote with his brother Courtney. Before, he and Courtney also ran VEEV Spirits, a brand of natural alcohol that they sold in 2016.

In December 2019, Hilton and Reum began seeing each other. They met through mutual friends. It seems like they’ve been in the same group of friends for a long time.

The couple has lived a jet-set lifestyle. For example, they spent the first day of the year sailing around the Caribbean. But Hilton has been very clear that she wants to show how serious the relationship is on social media.

Recently, Reum went with her to Utah’s Capitol building, where she told lawmakers about how she and many other troubled teens were mistreated when they were sent away to a school.

Hilton wrote, “I’ll always be grateful to you for being by my side during the worst times of my life.” “I have no words to describe the love we have for each other.”

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