Is Nayanthara Pregnant? Everything You Need To Know!

nayanthara pregnant
nayanthara pregnant

A famous couple in the Tamil film industry, Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan announced on Sunday that they had given birth to twin sons. Even though many people are happy for the couple, their announcement is becoming a scandal.

Even though the couple hasn’t made an official statement, reports say that the babies were born through surrogacy. The couple is being looked at to see how well they follow the rules for Indian surrogacy. Nayanthara and Vignesh got married four months ago.

In this case, veteran actor and YouTube reviewer “Bayilvaan” Ranganathan said 6 months before Nayanthara’s wedding that she wouldn’t get pregnant and that if she did, she would choose to have a baby through surrogacy. This video is now going viral, which is exactly what he said would happen a while ago.

During a news conference on Monday, the questions were asked of Ma Subramanian, who is the health minister for Tamil Nadu. She has said that there will be a look into what happened. “There have been many talks about surrogacy.

The minister also said that people can be surrogates if they are over 21 and under 36 and have the family’s permission. In addition, he said that he would ask the Directorate of Medical Services to look into the situation. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in India, but the woman who wants to be a surrogate must have been married at least once and have a child of her own.

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