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Months before She Killed Her Boyfriend, OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Hurled A Racial Slur At Him!

According to Frank Prieto, Courtney’s attorney, in an interview with TMZ, “the evidence makes it very evident the two were in a toxic and destructive relationship, from which Courtney had begged for aid from both police and her family to escape.”

Months before She Killed Her Boyfriend, OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Hurled A Racial Slur At Him!

OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney hurled racial slurs at beau she later killed:  report | Fox News

Not her lifestyle, not her arguments, not her taped rants; none of that will be used against her in court. Courtney is a victim of domestic violence, and she is under trial for protecting herself from an assault by her ex-boyfriend.

Our client will not get a fair trial because of isolated photos that don’t depict the whole story, even if the evidence shows that Courtney acted in self-defense.

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Months before she murdered him, OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney allegedly taped an altercation on her boyfriend’s phone in which she repeatedly called him the n-word.

Courtney is being charged with murder, and evidence against her includes cell phone recordings made by her dead boyfriend Christian Obumseli of her rants in the months leading up to his stabbing death.

Courtney used a racial slur while screaming at Christian during a particularly heated disagreement concerning his failure to inform her that he had said hello to a woman they knew while out bicycling.

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Police Got Recordings From Courtney Clenney’s Phone

Recording: Courtney Clenney Caught Hurling Racial Slurs at Boyfriend Before  Fatal Stabbing

Christian can be heard apologizing, and Courtney can be heard using the n-word several times. The Miami Herald reported initially that police had gotten the audio recordings from Christian’s phone as part of their investigation into his death.

Courtney can be heard on the recordings demanding that Christian locate her phone and charge it while yelling at him to “man up, bitch” and threatening to slap him.

Here is the recording audio!

We reported that two days before Courtney killed Christian, she was shown on body cam footage asking for a restraining order and informing police that Christian had tried to attack her.

Two days later, Courtney and Christian got into a major argument, during which she allegedly stabbed him to death, landing her in jail on second-degree murder charges. Courtney was arrested in Hawaii in August and extradited back to Miami to face murder charges related to Christian’s death.

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