Mindy Kaling’s 2 Kids: Who Is The Father Of Mindy Kaling’s Baby?

mindy kaling kids
mindy kaling kids

Actress Mindy Kaling is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, and she’s also a mom. She has two babies, Katherine Swati, and Mary Katherine, but when the actress comes home from work at night, her focus switches to her children.

Mindy Kaling is also a successful producer and director, but when she gets home, she puts her work on hold to focus on being a mom.

The host of “Late Night” has a daughter named Katherine Swati, who was born in 2017, and a son named Spencer, who was born in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic.

Mindy doesn’t mind talking about her kids and her choice to be a single parent in public, but fans might have to wait a little while to see their faces on social media.

Mindy Kaling Doesn’t Want To Post Photos Of Her Kids Online Until She Has Their Permission

Mindy told People magazine in 2021, “I don’t judge famous people who share photos and videos of their kids.” “My sense is that [my kids] don’t really want to do that right now… I think I should just wait until they are old enough to tell me if they want to join my social media or not.”

As any mother would, she also wants to keep her kids safe.

“I don’t want to be at the airport and have someone say, ‘Spencer, Katherine,’ and have people look at them as if they know them or are their friends. I think that would be very confusing for a child,” she said.

Even though Mindy is worried about privacy, she has shared some sweet things about her babies and how they act.

Mindy Has Named Her Daughter Katherine “Kit” After Her Late Mother

Mindy named her eldest daughter Katherine Swati, nicknamed “Kit,” after the actress Katherine Hepburn and her mother Swati, who passed away in 2012 from pancreatic cancer.

In a collection of six personal essays titled Nothing Like I Imagined (Except Sometimes), the actress admitted that not having her mother present to provide motherly advice was more difficult than being a single mother.

“When I was pregnant, I had ample time to consider raising my daughter without a partner. That was simple. The majority of my friends’ spouses do not even change diapers “Mindy wrote the text. “But lacking a mother to support me was torturous. It felt cosmically cruel that my mother was an obstetrician and gynecologist and that I had a difficult delivery.”

Now that Mindy has fully embraced motherhood, she has disclosed that her daughter’s personality is completely dissimilar to her own.

Katherine enjoys being physically active and is the antithesis of timidness. Moreover, her daughter is more “tomboyish.”

“Even at age 5 or 6, the concept of trick-or-treating terrified me,” she told People. “Last year, we took Kit trick-or-treating, and she had no trouble approaching people’s homes and yelling “trick-or-treat.” Our temperaments are quite dissimilar. Which has surprised me, but I’m thrilled that she’s not like that.”

Mindy’s Son’s Name Is Spencer, Which Is Her Father’s Name

Spencer, who is Mindy’s youngest and goes by the nickname “Spike,” was born on September 3, 2020. He was given the name Avu after her father. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was able to hide that she was pregnant, and she said that he made her time in lockdown a little better.

Mindy said that Spencer is “the personification of a hug” in a recent birthday post for his second birthday. Spencer, unlike Katherine, likes being around other people, even strangers, and his face will light up when someone looks at him.

She said, “He’s so happy, and he’s not crazy.” Spencer is fun and loves tyres and trucks. He also has a playful personality.


Mindy said, “My son will take one of his trucks and just throw it across the room or use it to hit someone in the head.” “It doesn’t hurt, but he’ll say “Uh-oh” as if he did it by accident and not on purpose. And I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh because he’s like, “I’m innocent.” And, “No, I saw you do it on purpose.” He says that a lot, which makes me laugh.”

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