Mikaela Testa “Only Fans Star” Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The age of 22 Mikaela Testa is a social media personality and an Australian influencer. She is known for posting sexually explicit content on Instagram and Tiktok.

She is one of the top earners in Australia on Only Fans. She doesn’t look like herself in her new photos, which were taken after she had plastic surgery.

In This Article, You Can Get All The Details About Mikaela Testa Before Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Before And After Pictures.

Are Mikaela Testa’s Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Most of the time, it’s true that Testa has had plastic surgery. She has had both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic changes made to her body.

She has had fillers put in her face, which is a non-surgical change. Testa has said that she has had fillers all over her face, especially on her lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead.

She has also said that, at one point, she had 20 millilitres of filler on her face, which is the same amount in all of its parts. Testa had these when she first started making content for Tiktok. She had bad body dysmorphia and felt like getting Botox and fillers was just part of her “personality.”

However, she looks the most natural she has in a long time now that she has started getting rid of her fillers.

In a video posted on Tiktok on November 5, 2021, she admitted that she had no fillers on her face except for a small amount on her lips. She also said that the “Before Surgery” pictures that were going around the Internet were fake.

Mikaela Testa Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

She probably got cosmetic injections and has admitted to getting lip filler and a brow lift with Botox. But the fact that she looks different now shows that she probably had plastic surgery, even though she says her body is natural.

The influencer used to look like she was carrying some extra weight, but now she has a perfect hourglass shape and a thinner face than she did before.


The creator of explicit content used to have an oval face with a possible double chin. Now, she has a much thinner, V-shaped face with less fat around her neck, which may be because she had liposuction.

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